Monday, 28 March 2016

Malifaux: Dark Debts Crew Box

A return to an old game for me, a few of us are starting up Malifaux! I played quite a few games of mk1 years back but have followed the progress into the great plastic minis from the metals.

I jumped straight in with the Dark Debts crew box, a dual faction master for Neverborn and Ten Thunders.... i plan to play Neverborn so will not really be exploring that part of the game too much.

Jakob Lynch - Master

The Hungering Darkness - Totem/Henchmen

Illuminated - Minions

I have the rest of Lynch's "themed" models, all those in the game that interact with Brilliance, a mix of Crack and Radiation haha, as well as the Neverborn half of the starter box im splitting with a mate on order so more updates over the coming weeks.

I have also signed up to the UK GT at Wayland Games on the 4/5th of June so nothing like a baptism of fire!!!


  1. Now, this is unexpected :-).
    I also have (and had a lot more) mk1 Malifaux. I actually liked the comical style of the metal miniatures. As I already play a lot of games, Malifaux was dropped when they switched to plastics.

    The pink is genius, it contrasts so well against the more natural and earthly tones of clothing and skin.
    A catching scheme.

    1. Cheers I've liked all the dark debts models for years and had this scheme in mind just in case I ever got them!


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