Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Wasteman: Post KS Releases from ThunderChild Miniatures

Ive been looking forward to these for what seems like eternity... the first post ks new releases for Wasteman! On sale now on Jason's store, i ordered them on friday, turned up monday morning and finished painting them this evening hehe:

Advocate Grey - Lunar Coalition Boss

Mayor Johnson - Civvies Boss

Hugh the Finnman & Jack the Dog - Mad Venture Team

An Unwelcome Guest

DED-209000 - Robots Boss

Hopefully our glorious leader will have more new goodies over the next few months and work on the bases and Behemoths is chugging along so 2016 will be a great year in the wastes!


  1. Haha, another amazing bunch of Freaks. Great show! You should have painted Jack yellow though ;-).

    1. Hehe yeah! I've never actually watched an episode of Adventure Time so it wasn't pre programmed in!


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