Saturday, 5 March 2016

Twilight: Rise of the Frenu

I've completed the basic Frenu for my Kedashi Swarm army today:

These are the basic troops in my force, cheap and expendable to say the least! They can be ordered to swarm so to speak and create swarm markers that are more powerful and allow me to command my forces over a larger area of the board. They can also be used to sacrifice for the larger Kopas (Soon!) and allow them to regenerate stamina hehe.

I really enjoyed painting these and the sculpts are very characterful, even the wife likes them... doesnt happen very often!


  1. A quick and clean job, very cool you managed to do so many in such a short timespan. They are great sculpts, and I try to hard to make each one look unique ;-).
    Another job well done!

  2. Cheers, nurgling green was the call for the frenu, the kopas and the swarms will be just the same.

    Not 100% how I'm gonna do the protofubarnii/trebarnii yet

  3. I think you should stick to natural colours. Earth Brown or a beige colour seem the best choice, perhaps with some blue warpaint to give them some contrast.

    1. Yeah nothing too flashy! I think the beige is a good idea, with some blue and light green warpaint to link them to the frenu


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