Monday, 17 April 2017

Age of Sigmar: Blood Warriors II

Here's the second half of the Blood Warriors unit completed:

For this half i decided to paint the bronze before the red to see if it worked out any easier and quicker... It was as i could be messier and more liberal with the bronze rather than have to pick it out.

I plan on adding either a 2nd start collecting Bloodbound or that Slaughterstorm box to my force to enable me to field a unit of 6 Skullcrushers so i will at some point have another 10 man unit of the Blood Warriors to do in this style.


  1. Both the bronze and red really suit them.
    Darker than usual but it gives them more a grim aura.

    1. It's hard to stray too far from the distinctive Khorne look of red and brass but I knew I couldn't follow the official guide completely as I don't work from black undercoat only white hehe


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