Sunday, 16 April 2017

Knight Models: Killer Frost

A quick paint up of Killer Frost as i needed the 50 levels of Injustice League ready for wednesday as im demoing the game to a couple of people:

Not the best by a long shot but good enough for now!

Back to the Khorne now....


  1. She looks a bit like a daemonette, minus the horns 😉. The stare she's given is even making me wondering if she's seducing or scaring away 😊.
    Very different from the studio job, but it works anyway.

    1. Cheers, she's not the best sculpt as it were, lots to clean but my other 4 came to 44 levels so I needed a 6 level character to make up the team and the new catwoman hasn't arrived yet hehe


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