Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Age of Sigmar: Khorgorath

Next up for me is a Khorgorath from the starter box:

These received a major boost in the new book with those claws now doing two damage rather than one! They also went up in points from 80 to 100, but having twice the melee output as before its quite acceptable haha.

I have another one on route from ebay, and possibly gonna pick up a couple more from a mate so will need to try out some variant schemes to separate the units of them.


  1. That's quite the heavy bitter, I almost asked if you had plans for something big in my previous post. Seems like you read my mind.
    As for the painting, I think his body is a bit too red. Some colour variations like orange or a brighter red might make him look even better.
    At least, he seems to have a ton of detail on his chest which isn't showing so much right now.

  2. Hehe he is like an angry tomato!

    He's not actually that big, similar sized to a Dreadnought I reckon... Khorne is like using tyranids in 40k, a proper swarm!

    The chaos slaughterbrute has recently been errata'd to work for Khorne so eventually I will pick up one of those as a centrepiece for the force.


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