Saturday, 1 April 2017

April starts with a bang!

After a particularly savage week at work i was able to get back on the painting yesterday and completed all of these:


Empire Flagellants

Mechanicum Thanatar

Yep a proper mixed bag! Sinestro is part of my Injustice League team for the DC Universe game, and i have a Harley Quinn model to finish off today to go with it. The Thanatar is the latest addition to my 30K Mechanicum army, much quicker to paint than the two squads of infantry i still have to do!

The Empire Flagellants are the first part of some reinforcements to the the Warmaster Empire army commission i have painted for my existing client.

Hopefully next week will be a tad easier so i can get so more done in the week!


  1. Is this an April fool?
    You painted more models in a single day than I do in a year 😊.

    1. Haha no, the wife was out and the kids were playing so I could smash on!


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