Tuesday, 27 June 2017

40K: Apostles of Contagion Characters

Ive completed three character models for my new force, and since i have a second set of them all i figured a couple of conversions were in order to add some of the different commander models but still using the great new plastics:

Typhus, Host of the Destroyer Hive (From the Lord of Contagion)

Noxious Blightbringer

Necrosis the Undying (From the Malignant Plaguecaster)

I will paint up stock, or close to stock, Lords of Contagion and Plaguecasters, the second Blightbringer i may turn into a unit champion for my other Plague Marine squad yet im just not sure,,,


  1. Is this a Typhus model in power armour? If I remember correctly the omdat one wore terminator armour.
    Nevertheless, they are good looking models and your painting only added to that.

    1. Hehe no he's in terminator armour, converted the plastic lord guy from the dark Imperium box

  2. Awesome conversions. How did you build the destroyer hive?

    1. Cheers,

      They were quite simple to do, I glued small off cuts of sprue onto his back to make the basic structure.

      Then it was adding small amounts of green stuff to create the growths and wrap round the sprue bits for the funnels

    2. Sounds great. Cant wait to try it myself. What parts did you use for your Necrosius? Seems a lot of stuff got cut off from that plaguecaster^^

    3. He is a bit more involved yeah, I bought a box of blight kings for conversion bits throughout my army:

      Removed the head and replaced with green stuff and a blight king one

      Removed the spray and replaced with the blight kings spear

      Removed the staff and replaced with a bolt pistol that I greenstuffed up to make the pus gun

      Used a blight king shield as the icon behind the head and used greenstuff to make it look like it's growing out of his shoulders at the back.

      I also removed the robe stuff from the back pack

    4. Thank you. And well done, awesome job and great inspiration.

    5. That sounds very new zealandish ;-)

  3. Haha nope Essex born and raised


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