Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Age of Sigmar: Moar Bloodcrushers

Three more Bloodcrushers completed, just in time for a test game tonight!


  1. You're really going for it 😁.
    How many bloodcrushers do you have finished this far? Nine?
    Good luck with the game!

    1. 6 bloodcrushers and 3 skullcrushers so far hehe

    2. When it comes to Khorne, 8's the magical number 😉😁.

    3. Certainly is!

      Game went well, my skullcannons decimated his force as getting to shoot 2 or 3 times a turn is nasty haha

  2. First, I would advice you to try the game at first. Your FLGS should be able to help you with that. From then, if you like the game continue reading, otherwise, well, you know, simply try something else :).
    On a more personnal view, I enjoy AoS as it gets rid of all the stuff that I disliked in its predecessor, Warhammer Fantasy Battle. The game is fast, rules are few and clear, and as long as your opponent agrees, you can field whatever unit you like. The formation-less placement of units allows for some nice tactics and shenanigans and if you like the new art directions, the new models are of stellar quality and the box has plenty of it for a starter.



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