Monday, 19 June 2017

Wasteman: Big Big Snails!

With the next campaign starting up very soon i will be painting up the remaining Gnar minis to get myself ready for it!

Colossal Battle Snail with Eldritch War Throne

Colossal Battle Snail

Knights of Gnar Starter Posse

As always, lovely minis to paint up and really quick to do hehe. Next up will be the smaller add on packs from the campaign. I believe that most of the Gnar range is available from the wasteman store now at


  1. Shown off like this it is hard not to see how brilliant these are.
    Nice job painting them!
    Your knights are surprisingly colourful, I like it!

    1. Cheers, way back I painted my Gnarly Pilgrims in yellow so had to keep the scheme to match but they do all look cohesive


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