Monday, 26 June 2017

Black Gate Miniatures: Go Go Mammoth Riders!!!

Black Gate's kickstarter i mentioned a couple of days ago has begun and is already passed its initial funding goal yeah!

As i type we are less than 140 pounds from unlocking the following stretch goal... A pack of two Heroes and two Shaman to lead our horde for 10 pounds:

When these are funded its only a short hop to the next goal of Mammoth Rider character models with these two available for 6 pounds each:

These are going to look amazing on the table!!!!


  1. These sketches are amazing!
    For some reason these mammoths look a bit small, I guess that's because they got a big bulky ogre on their back.

    1. The mammoths are going to be 20mm tall at the head I believe, and the riders will add at least another 10 on to that hehe, gonna be big on the table of 10mm gaming!


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