Friday, 7 June 2013

Six months in

The year has flown by! My girls are 14 months old, I'm in a new job and my fiancé is starting up her own admin assistance business called Earlybirdy!

As I mentioned in a previous update, I started the year with 139 models left over from 2012... its now down to 12 haha, just 12 Daikinee then ive cleared the lead mountain and i'll be right on track to end the year paint free.

These last 6 months ive added a lot of goodies to my Nuem army, painted up 4 factions for Bushido, developed a new way to paint my farrow (planning to repaint the older lot next year) and ive begun to do some really nice single models to put in a display cabinet at home,

Ive painted 189 models, 69 less than last year and we are only half way through! I wont be reaching the dizzy heights of days of yore when I completed such tasks as 250 KoW Undead in 3 days, or my 500 strong Ork 40k army over a year, but I think I can get close to the 300 mark.

An update on targets, I have sold on my KoW Undead, Covenant DW, Rense Navy FA and Thaniras Elves US fleets. They were enjoyable projects but I wanted some new challenges, especially for KoW as my Undead were undefeated for 3yrs haha. I will return to that game in the future but im waiting for a force to catch my eye. Im planning on taking up the Australian fleet or the French land force for DW, the club will be rocking a campaign later in the year so they can wait for a while.

The Convergeance will be appearing in the near future so im "gearing" up for them by getting as many toys painted before hand as I can. I have all the initial release toys on order so am allocating 2 months to get them done. The chaps at GW Bluewater were very helpful in advice for colours on a brass scheme for them as I haven't done much in that tone before.

All in all its been a productive year for us, more plans are in the works and I shall expand upon them as they come to fruition, but its going to be an exciting back run for 2013!

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