Monday, 24 June 2013

WarGods of Olympus kickstarter: last few days!

The WarGods of Olympus kickstarter is entering its final week, the $25,000 target has been smashed, 4 factions have been funded to go along with the Spartans, Myceneans and Titans. Nine new demigods have been sculpted and the road to Troy is open!

I have gone with my get and pledged in for an Amazon army, I was in two minds for that or just a selection of the demigods but seeing Debs Fitzpatrick's awesome jobs on the tester models, I knew I had to get them!
I'm pledging for the miniatures only Warband option, we'll receive pdfs of all three WarGods rulebooks so I can spend the extra money on moar toyz; 2 Demigods, 3 Heroes, 2 Honour Guards, 2 Command Group models, 15 Spearmen, 12 Peltasts, 10 Archers, 1 Titan Hunter and 1 Oracle... that should keep me going as a nice project for later in the year I think.
The next stretch goal is only $1,500 away, it unlocks the Bronze Automatons of Hephestus:
Lets hope we can get that far, but at $125,000 we all receive a free Helen of Troy model, lets all get that!

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