Tuesday, 4 June 2013

WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter: A Review

Crocodile Games have begun a kickstarter campaign to fund the release of the Trojan faction and the Wargods of Olympus rulebook!
Many people have heard of Crocodile games, started by ex-GW sculptor Chris Fitzpatrick back in 2001. It began with Wargods of Aegyptus and followed with the Wendigo expansion from Hyperborea a few years ago. The games are big in the USA but not well represented in the UK, hopefully this campaign will change that.
Its been going a few days now, busting the initial funding within 2 days so the Trojans and book are sorted! The preview sculpts by Chris and painted by his wife Debs are shown below, I think they are great, and the paint job really sets them off:

The leaders of the Aeyptus armies are the Harbringers, badass characters with godly powers... and the Greeks don't miss out, as there are a range of Demigods to lead your chosen force, one from each of the main Greek Gods such as Athena and Poseidon shown below. They are 35mm scale so they are bigger than the average grunt or hero so they standout. All are great sculpts, and I look forward to seeing the whole range of them!

Along side these there are a range of more earthly heroes for each faction such as King Leonidas for the Spartans and Prince Aenas for the Trojans. Croc hope to get Paris and Hector funded for the Trojans too.
The next faction for the Olympus setting, the Amazons, has also been funded, and some previews of a spear armed warrior and the starter box hero have been shown. These are my favourite Croc sculpts to date and im sorely tempted to pledge for them!

Playtest rules for the Olympus factions can be found on the Croc site here
I have an Aeyptus book on order from Black Pyramid games so I can see what its all about and do a decent review of the system, but for now i'll wish Croc the best of luck for the campaign ahead :-D

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