Saturday, 15 June 2013

Urban War: Neo-Iskandrian Starter Set

I've just finished painting up the starter set for the Neo-Iskandrian force for Urban War. They are partially for myself to game with and also for Cymbeline Games to use as a demo set as Urban War is a line Tom is looking at to possibly stock.

I've played a couple of games of it so far and have quite enjoyed it, its an easy to grasp yet difficult to master Scifi skirmish game set in a distant galaxy. The Neo-Iskandrians are the fanatical followers of Iskander the Tyrant, and have slept in hibernation for 300yrs to retake his empire from the Tripartite Alliance that defeated him long ago:

Companions with Carbines

Companion Marksman
Companion Sergeant
Companion with Xyston
These models are huge, those are 40mm bases they are on! Urban Mammoth's John informed me the battle armour is needed to keep them alive following so long a period of hibernation, and gives strength to their wasted limbs!
I downloaded the Neo-Isk sourcebook from the Urban Mammoth site, its a great read and a bargain at £5, its got all the rules for the faction along with the profiles of the unreleased models... the release rate is really good and most of the force will be out by September.
As time allows i'll be adding to the set to make a 300pt force up, ive had some good advice from John and Roland on the forums so should have a decent force to expand to haha. 

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