Monday, 8 June 2015

Blightening up the Day: Legion of Everblight Project

The Trolls have come and gone to pastures new via ebay, I just didn't gel with them and following Jay Larsen's win at a big tourney a month or so ago the bits I needed to finish my lists were impossible to pick up. So we come to the start of a new project for Hordes, my own Legion of Everblight mwhahaha

Spawning Vessel
Ravagore 1
Ravagore 2
So there we have it, the start of my next force for hordes! I have two specific lists planned which have as much overlap in models as possible, and I made sure I was running some lists that operate very differently from my existing Minion armies... In this case ranged and flying beast heavy armies, so minimal infantry and support where required.


  1. Nice choice of colours! The dark brown/black really suits the legion.
    I still have some unfinished Everblight as well, seeing yours makes me want to start painting them again ;-).


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