Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Spotlight: Imperishable Dominion

I have teamed up with a group of my mates to create a new blog based on all aspects of Warmachine and Hordes, we give you:

Imperishable Dominion

There are 11 of us writing for it for now, with a massive range of gaming and faction backgrounds so we should be able to cover just about the whole game and our readers will be able to find something of interest!

This will not affect Fanplastic Little Men in anyway as I will only be putting in 1/2 articles a week on the new site hehe, but with so many of us on board it will get a lot of content quickly.


  1. I'm not into Warmachine/Hordes anymore, but will definitely check it out.
    Perhaps it is an excuse to dig out my Everblight and Menoth again, but I have a Retribution starter as well ... It's going to be hard to choose :).

    1. Cheers,

      A few of the guys a really good but most of us are average at best so it won't be all hardcore tourney data and number crunching, more relaxed ideas and trash talk!

      All those boxes are good starting points that wouldn't cost the earth to make into a solid force

    2. What I have always said to new players for any game is buy what you will want to paint, figure out how it works later haha

    3. :D That's exactly why I had/have so many factions!

    4. Haha fair enough, I will always have my pigs and gators as the minis are awesome, and the dwarves are fine as my warmachine army.

      I will usually have some other force on the go too, just two casters so I can take it to a tourney... the only specification for the project is that it's something different:

      Trolls were light beast spam
      Legion are ranged heavy spam etc


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