Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Spotlight: Unlocking the Secrets of the Third Reich with Westwind Productions

A few weeks back I heard some chatter about an upcoming kickstarter by Westwind Productions, producers of some fine quality miniatures and gaming systems, most notably Secrets of the Third Reich!

I messaged them to find out a bit more of their plans and Andy Cooper was more than helpful in answering the questions of a Newb:

Secrets of the Third Reich (SoTR) is a 28mm skirmish game based in the nightmare world of 1949 where ww2 never ended. Can you tell us more about the setting?

The year is 1949 and the second world war still rages across the globe, but not in a way recorded in any history books. This is a darker world where the common soldier battles against monsters and the mad machines of super-science and dangerous minds.

If you like the idea of G.I’s and Tommies battling zombies, werewolves and vampires, or mighty war machines striding the battlefield with an array of infernal weapons you will love SoTR II.


From what I've seen of the current version it scales well from very small skirmishes of say 5 a side up to big battles of 50 or more, did you find this difficult to achieve and what will existing players notice that's changed.

The original game took over two years of testing and development to get the right balance for the game. Not an easy task but one which the volunteer beta testers took it on with a relish. The New books have a lot of refinement and clarification of various rules alongside development of the army lists including the addition of the Japanese and USMC and theefinement of the Mech and vehicle design rules.


We have seen art for new versions of existing characters like Black Jack and Ash, is the focus going to be on redoing the range or creating new characters and units?

New models for somethings, like Black Jack and Ash, but new and exciting stuff like the new medium Mechs for Russia the KV-9M, USA a redesigned Sarge , the British get an updated RAT Mech and Germany a new and revised Panzer-mech.


As to the actual campaign, what sort of pledges can we expect? How long have we got to save our monies too!

Friday the 5th of June is launch day for the Kickstarter.

So there we have it, this Friday is K-Day so to speak! And as I ask on all my interviews, any chance of a cheeky preview?

Of course...



  1. Thanks for this, I'm pledged already and looking forward to expanding my existing SOTR armies!

    1. No probs, I'm in for the books for now, I can't decide on a force yet haha


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