Monday, 29 June 2015

Warmaster: Lizardman Commission

Been a bit quiet last week with work being a nightmare and decorating my girls new room but im back with the start of a new commission! My client has a rather large lizardman army for gw's old game Warmaster that he wants painting up for some games. I had the book for this years ago but never really got into it so its going to be nice to finally paint some up:


More to follow soon!


  1. This certainly is something different.
    I liked the miniatures back in the day when the game was released, but can't remember seeing a lizardmen army before. Who makes these?
    Great start by the way!

    1. Cheers, these were a gw release proper but by this time warmaster had moved to specialist games and was only available from gw direct.

      Shame as warmaster was really good fun!


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