Tuesday, 2 June 2015

UK Games Expo Part 2: Lords of War tourney time!

As promised here is my account of Sunday's exploits at the expo!

After about 4hrs sleep Captain Winter and Sherwin had to be up for the WMH Masters tourney which was kicking off about 8am! We had all been in the bar till nearly 2am so it wasn't the best prep for an event haha, luckily my Lords of War tourney wasn't until 1pm so I had plenty of time to relax and come back to the land of the living.

So I rock up to the Marquee with my game-face on and this is the scene that awaits me:

Oasis Academy School in da house!!!!!!! A few of the teachers played the game and got the kids involved so they organized a coach trip down for the day haha. I spotted a few customized decks being run and was informed that the kids had plenty of experience so I had a fight on my hands!
Lords of War Gary displays the Champion's Sword to the crowd with his best Conan pose!

The Lords of War facebook page has a lot of great photos from the event so head over there for a browse of the action and find out about upcoming events.


So after 3 rounds of intense action I find myself in the final vs the Mighty Kenzie, he had smashed his way to the top with some decisive victories and had plenty trash talk along the way hehe. One of his teachers asked how much practice he had put in during half term and he said 10 matches a day... boy got decication and the skills!

After a very close game I was just able to get ahead on points for the win!

My thanks to the guys for running a cracking event, well organized and loads of fun which was the main thing. Also to Joe, Megan, Gabbie and Kenzie for some great games during the tourney and a big shout out to Oasis Academy!


Future Warmasters right there!



  1. Wow, congratulations!
    Must have been a bit weird to play so many children :-). One might start to wonder if doesn't get too old for the hobby ;-D.

    1. Cheers, it was a great laugh the kids were well up for it, proper trash talking one another, their teachers and me haha

  2. Thank you Richard for being a great player and being so amazing to our school. Check out our article on our website.http://www.oasisacademylimeside.org/content/strategy-club-visits-uk-games-expo

    1. Not at all it was a great laugh, Kenzie got his dad to facebook me and lay the challenge on for next year!

      I will be bringing my son up for it too :-D


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