Saturday, 22 October 2016

40K: Tau Riptide

The second biggest model i will paint for this project is now finished (Bar the big weapons):

The Riptide, again i dont really know what it does but i know it has a massive rail gun and several missile pods so must be pretty handy in a scrap haha


  1. What a monster! A cool design though.
    While I think it is a great colourscheme, a bit more orange on the leg plates (like a stripe) and jetpacks would break these large grey surfaces a bit and make him look even better as a whole. It's just a detail though.

  2. I plan to set the whole force up when finished and see where some more orange or highlights are required as I'm on to my 2nd pot of nuln oil on these and different batches of wash always come up differently too


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