Monday, 3 October 2016

Marvel: Avengers & Deadpool Commission

I was recently asked to paint up a force for the Marvel Universe game from Knight Miniatures, my client wanted to get playing asap but was working too long hours to get anything done so asked me to do the honours:

Captain America, Black Widow and Iron Man

Deadpool and Thor


  1. Some more miniatures I've been resisting for a while 😊.
    They look great, though I'm not sure about the grass on the bases. Some other scenery elements might look better, but given very limited time it is a viable solution.

    1. Cheers, all the integral rocks on the minis and the bases themselves are a pain to do much with that's the prob.

      I was surprised to find myself completely out of 30mm round bases so couldn't stick them on blank ones either

  2. Do they come with scenic bases?
    It's indeed hard to do anything useful with all these miniature-related base elements.
    If I ever would buy them I'd most likely saw these off and put something more appropriate on the base for them to take an heroic pose on.

    1. Yeah it's all molded detail on the bases, and it doesn't match the rock formations they have built into the models themselves!


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