Monday, 31 October 2016

40K: Tau Stormsurge

Has it really been a week haha, with the kiddies off school and a couple of trips out my painting slowed to a crawl last week... and what time i did have was taken clearing through all the magnetised weapons for the various suits and tanks in the project.

I guessed the world wouldnt want to see 50+ grey guns haha!!!

Well that lot was cleared yesterday morning and i got straight on to the Stormsurge, the biggest model in the project:

On with the tanks now!


  1. I don't know what it is, but it looks ace!
    With different legs it could as well be a battlemech for the Battletech universe. Nice pose too!

    1. Aye he's a beast! Could see it as a Catapult or a Hunchback from Battletech yeah haha

    2. I had no idea you were so familiar with Battletech 😃.

    3. Yeah love the battletech universe!!

      I had Citytech, Battletech 3rd ed, Aerotech, all the computer games, quite a few sourcebooks, tech readouts and at least a Trinnary of badass Clanners haha

      Shame the models arent made in a better material or i would be all over them again!

    4. Unfortunately I only started a few years ago and only got the computer games and the 2 last editions of the box game, on top of a growing collection of sourcebooks.
      I agree about the plastic ones, but the metal ones from Ral Partha aren't half bad. I really should paint some of these in between :-).

    5. When a box product of the Alpha Strike version is released I will jump on that


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