Saturday, 8 October 2016

Circle Orboros Commission: Tanith and Minions

A few more pieces for this ongoing project:

Minions - Wrong Eye & Snapjaw

Tanith the Feral Song

Minions - Lanyssa Ryssal

There are a few more bits to do on this stage of the project but i have to split my time between other jobs too!


  1. Good work on these gators.
    It's also nice to see a different colourscheme on Lanyssa.
    I'm not entirely convinced about Tanith though, the metal armour is distracting and too shiny. I'm not sure it suits her.

  2. Hehe it's more flash not being kind than anything else, you would think I would be better at photos by now!

  3. ... or start to use a lightbox 😉

    1. See thats far too much planning haha!


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