Thursday, 1 January 2015

Gates of Antares: Algoryn Prospectorate start up

A month or so ago the first models for the Algoryn Prospectorate and the Boromites were released by Warlord Games, and the Algoryns really caught my eye. I picked up all the initial releases and got them built, based and washed straight away.

But as life is want to do, a few tourneys and some issues at home got in the way of getting further with them until today:

Command Team
Infiltration Squad
Mag Light Support
Mag Light Support
Assault Squad
Andy Hobday of Warlord was very generous in sending me a proper printed copy of the GoA Beta rules to test out, and also a pre-release Assault Squad in the last picture! Many thanks to Andy and Warlord Games for this awesome gift cheers guys!
A few more pieces of the Algoryn testing list have been released which I hope to pick these up in the near future. The beta does not contain points values but six sample lists for people to test out and provide feedback on. I need to purchase three more Infantry Squads, one of each of the other two Support Weapons and a drone squadron to complete the Infantry Company
Edit: Renamed the last photo and changed content to reflect.


  1. Bah it deleted my comment! What I said was lovely scheme and I think purple skin really
    Looks good! You've got an assault squad- it's the last photo. You don't have basic infantry yet!!

  2. They look great, the colour scheme totally suits them.

  3. Haha cheers Russ, I only just noticed that now you mention it

    Thanks Wouter!

  4. Fantastic job. Nice to see an alternative color scheme. I may have to "borrow" it for my Algoryn....

    1. Cheers it was really simple to do:

      White spray, nuln oil wash, fenrisian grey on the blue bits, sycorax bronze on the metals, dechala edge for the skin and an earthshade wash to the whole model :-D


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