Saturday, 24 January 2015

Spotlight: Malifaux Mover Tray from Westwood Woodworks

Ive turned into a bit of a tray convert recently, I cant be arsed to pack and unpack all my toys for every game of a tourney as I move up (mostly down!) the tables haha, so when I saw this tray on Westwood's facebook page I knew it would be perfect as I play quite a lot of Bushido...

Here's the tray all together, space for toys and space for cards/templates on the top.

Opened up you can see the green felt which stops your important paraphernalia from moving about too much. The side section also comes off if you just need access to a small pat of the interior for stuff like cards etc.

Nicely filled with an A5 card file, dice and pens but will fit small rulebooks like Malifaux, warmachine/hordes etc, with plenty of space for other hobby essentials including emergency superglue hehe

A selection of Cult of Yurei models ready for use in battle, the Wraith at the back fits in one of the two 50mm spaced holes, the Wanyudo on the right is on a 40mm base, the rest of the models are on 30mm bases. 
This is a cracking little tray and i'm sure I will get plenty of use out of it, and its first outing will be at our clubs warmachine journeyman league meeting on Wednesday where I can fit my warlock, couple of heavy beasts and a solo on it with ease, and probably my 25pt force next month too.
Westwood has great communication and keeps you informed throughout the creation of your trays so I cant recommend them enough, thanks guys!

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