Thursday, 22 January 2015

Gatormans: Gatorman Posse 3

My third Gatorman Posse is now complete:


My third Croak Hunter will be painted this week and that will take me to 68 gators and 100pts in the case! There are a few spots spare and a mate is looking to shit on a few of his unpainted minions so there may well be a few more additions before the vaults are released :-D


  1. Cool Warpaint and bloodsplatter effects!
    Also first time I noticed the blue backside of the base :).

  2. Cheers, yeah got to have split colour bases or lines to mark the 180 degree line for front and rear facings.

    I really should do it for my bushido stuff but the thought of going back over 90 models puts me off haha


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