Thursday, 8 January 2015

Gatormans: 75pts painted!

Long time reader and commenter Wouter yesterday asked for a group shot of all the painted Gatormans see already on the blog:


That's 75pts with 4 warlocks, 4 beasts, 10 gators, 20 shamblers, 2 witch doctors, totem hunter, thrullg, a feralgeist, swamp gobbers and Wrong Eye & Snapjaw.

Still to come is Maelok, 5 gators, 10 bog trogs, 3 croak hunters and victor pendrake :-D


  1. That's quite a horde. Shame they don't have a gargantuan yet.
    Thanks for the shot.
    Do you plan to fill in all the remaining slots?

  2. Cheers, whats left to do will probably fill it already!

    Yeah no minion gargantuan but there will be the two battle engines, im planning on one maybe two sacral vaults for the gators and three meat grinders for the pigs haha


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