Sunday, 25 January 2015

Spotlight: Lords of War Extended!

My son and I play Lords of War quite regularly, and it has a decent following at the Bunker, so we were looking forward to receiving our copy of the Orcs v Dwarves Expansion: Magic & Monsters!

Since we chipped in together for our set from Cymbeline Games we picked up a t-shirt for our favourite factions; Dwarves for me and Undead for Jacob.

Dwarves rule! No Undead rule!

Having played a few games with the new set integrated into our armies we really like what it brings to the game! The magical units like the Dwarf Arcanist and the Orc Flame Thrower are great support units being able to buff your troops and put some lingering damage on tough enemy units. We do have our firm favourites tho... Jacob loves the Orc Bullwhip (A rather tasty ranged and melee unit that can move about the board) and I love the Dwarf Orgun Gun (Proper artillery that can cover a massive area of the board and lay down some serious hurt!).

Mid game is now really crucial, you need to preserve your commanders as taking them out is a viable win strategy... In our first game with the expansion Jacob had all his commanders in play very early so although he was ahead on card kill I was able to pick his heroes off by sacrificing weaker cards for the greater good! 
I cannot recommend this game enough, there is a lot of depth to it and by adding in the terrain and weather cards you get the feel of a proper tabletop wargame without the cost haha, and the kickstarter for the expansion to Elves vs Lizardmen is coming next month so there has never been a better time to get involved and pick up Lords of War!


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  2. Its well worth getting! Great fun!


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