Sunday, 4 January 2015

Jacob's Legion of Everblight

My stepson Jacob got a hordes 2 player set for xmas from santa! He was wanted a legion army for ages as he loves all the dragon monsters haha, so he has taken them as his main force and the circle will be a secondary army that his mates can use. He has been a busy boy over the last few days:

pLylyth - Warlock
Carnivean - Heavy Warbeast
Shredders - Lesser Warbeasts
Warspears Unit
This gives him 21pts, so after a few games of battlebox we will add in the infantry unit. The next step is 25pts so we will add an attachment to the warspears and a couple of shepherds to help with fury management! At 35 I think he'll need another heavy so a ravagore will be perfect! 

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