Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Blood Bowl: Chaos Dwarf Team Commission

A nice quick job for a mad Pittsburgh Steelers fan haha:


Chaos Dwarf Blockers
Hobgoblin Linemen
Bull Centaurs


  1. Now, this is something you don't get to see every day: Chaos Dwarfs!
    I think you did a cracking good job on them.
    Unusual colours, but looking good anyway.
    My only point of critique being the fact you can't see the minotaur's eyes.

  2. Aye the mino whilst great as a model being quite small was an awkward pose to get everything in focus haha

    He has red blobs like the hobgobbos do, pretty standard for non human minis as my freehand on eyes is terrible!

  3. Haha, as is mine :-).
    His pose makes it indeed a bit difficult to get the best shot. Nevertheless, it is a great Bloodbowl pose.

    1. Cheers, will have my own team up soon... khorne daemons from the indiegogo campaign earlier in the year haha

  4. Company called mk1881, Spanish guys I think. Loads of teams get funded on there!

    The team is called "Ares Demons"


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