Saturday, 9 May 2015

Lords of War: One last hurrah!!!!

Well well well, as I type Lords of War by Black Box Games has around 11 hours to go on the latest kickstarter campaign and it has certainly done well!
I would love to have backed this with a mega pledge as its such an amazing game but I already have all the existing sets hehe, so we are in for the expansion pictured above.
Now that's not all tho, due to the phenomenal success of the campaign our 10 pound pledge will net us the following too:

61 cards to further expand and customize our decks so Jacob and I can field exactly what we want in the on going struggle to be the best in our house hahaha
Seriously tho, its an incredible deal and if your still on the fence check out the how to play vids and snap up this great little game... you wont be disappointed!
Also, I shall be attending the Lords of War tourney at the UK Expo so expect a full write up of that along with a hopefull an interview with Martin and Nick!

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