Thursday, 14 May 2015

Guildball: Masons

Over the last couple of days I have got through quite a chunk of my Masons team for Guildball:

Honour - Team Captain

Marbles - Mascot
Ball and Goal
I have Flint and a Union player Mist on the go at the moment, and a few more union players on route for tomorrow. In addition to these I have some resin columns coming to make my own goal rather than the flat disc that is provided in the starter box


  1. These look fantastic, very inspirational. Harmony is definitely my favourite from the team.
    Are these the resin or metal casts?
    You really did an amazing job on the greasy clothes and not so shiny armour. Very fitting for the setting.

    1. Cheers mate,

      Yeah they are the metal casts, resin would have been nicer but I want to play a lot of games with these!

      I plan to get the non ks honour when it's available as a single, much prefer the pose hehe. My fave is definitely Tower but flint is very cool too, I had to go to work tonight before he dried so will have a pic up tomorrow.


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