Saturday, 16 May 2015

Conspiracy of the Cult: Full Faction!

These are the last three Cult of Yurei minis I needed to get my second full faction after the Ito (Still have their last couple of releases to paint up!), and I think they are some of my favourite's yet:

Kairai Villager
Kusatta Kairai
Just a couple of Ito snakes to go on Bushido and im back up to date. The next faction, the Tengu Descension is out very soon as is the Rise of the Kage board game... I have that and the metal ninjas coming so late summer will be a great time for painting my favourite range!


  1. These are most excellent!
    I envy the skintone on your kairai, looks far more realistic than the one I did, while still being very sinister.

    1. Cheers the skin is really easy to do, it's just white spray undercoat with a black wash all over the model... and the earthshade wash all over the model when it's finished.

      I pick out the mask again in ceramite to get it to standout slightly against the pale flesh hehe


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