Thursday, 29 March 2012

Jacob 1 Circle 0

After Warpath, Jacob wanted to try Hordes by Privateer Press, demoed by another friend of mine Barry Pitman. Barry is a Pressganger and runs regular Warmachine/Hordes events at the bunker!
Hordes is a bit more complex than Warpath, but after a couple of turns Jacob was getting the hang of it, and he saw the opening to charge his Carnivean at our opponents warlock, 2 boosted hits later and Kaya was pasted hehe

Warmaster Cob Victorious

Last night was New Games Night at the Bunker, i'd promised Jacob if he was good he could come along to try out some toys.
The first game we played was Mantic's Warpath, painted by my good friend Tom Pugh. Jacob has this game, Ronnie (Mantics Big Boss) let him have an early copy so it was ready for his birthday!
Jacob has beat me 5/5 times we have played it and tonight was no exception, the last brave forge father died on turn two!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dream Warriors Assemble

My Army

1 Shaenre, Daïkinee Sentry - 33pts + 10pts
1 Numae, Daïkinee Guardian - 45pts + 10pts
1 Onentai, The Smuggler - 60pts + 10pts
1 Kaeliss the Silent - 33pts + 4pts
1 Kurujai, Daikinee Archer - 45pts + 10pts
1 Meari the Protector - 33pts + 8pts
1 Maneos, Scarab Warrior - 85pts + 20pts
1 Erhÿl the Wildcat - 76pts + 13pts
1 Kaeliss the Pariah - 79pts
2 Dream Warriors - 60pts

3 Daïkinee Guardians - 54pts
1 Daïkinee Standard - 15pts
1 Daikinee Musician - 15pts
4 Daïkinee zephyrs - 100pts
6 Scarab Warriors - 180pts
4 Daikinee Sylphs - 60pts
6 Daikinee Archers - 90pts

2 Mandigorn Warriors - 110pts

3 Sylvan Anime - 48pts
3 Sylvan Anime - 48pts

1269pts + 85pts

Cant wait to start painting that lot!!!!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Forward My Scourge!

More Drunes completed today, the end is finally insight so i can get painting the Daikinees hehe
The 3rd Lanyfh Warrioress and some Drune Persecutors!

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Its been very busy with work and stuff, painting has suffered this week :-(

Hope to have more Drunes done by the weekend as im itching to start the Daikinees!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

BunkerBrush 2012!

The Chelmsford Bunker is having our first Bunker Brush painting competition tomorrow!
I have been working on and off for the last few days on my entry... Old Skool Nagash hahaha
It was a birthday present from Sherwin, and i thought it would be an ideal model to test a few new techniques on a large figure, and also to see if i can make one of the worst models ever scuplted into something half decent.
Check out a pick of GW's purple abomination, then google "Doink the Clown"!

Warriors of Dreams - Confrontation Daikinee Elves!

As well as my on going Drune army, i have started to put together a small Daikinee Elves force... and for once i do mean small! There were very few Daikinee ever made, far fewer than the Drunes even, and they arent a big faction.It has been hard work tracking down all the different figures from across the globe, but it is a rewarding game to get into, very enjoyable and tactical, with many play styles available for each faction.

So far i have the following in my collection:

1 Shaenre, Daïkinee Sentry - 33pts + 10pts
1 Numae, Daïkinee Guardian - 45pts + 10pts
1 Onentai, The Smuggler - 60pts + 10pts
1 Kaeliss the Silent - 33pts + 4pts
1 Kurujai, Daikinee Archer - 45pts + 10pts
1 Dream Warrior - 30pts

3 Daïkinee Guardians - 54pts
1 Daïkinee Standard - 15pts
1 Daikinee Musician - 15pts
2 Daïkinee zephyr - 50pts
3 Scarab Warriors - 90pts
2 Daikinee Sylphs - 30pts
3 Daikinee Archers - 45pts

3 Sylvan Anime - 48pts
3 Sylvan Anime - 48pts

This leaves the following to track down:

Maneos, Scarab Warrior - 85pts + 20pts
Erhÿl the Wildcat - 76pts + 13pts
Meari the Protector - 33pts + 8pts
Irul, Tribal Chief - 25pts
Kaeliss, Voice of the Pariahs - 79pts
Mandigorn Warrior - 55pts

Pictures to follow when i get started!

Jacobs Chaos Warrior

Jacob loves painting same as me, he often moans that his stuff doesnt look like an army like mine tho. So, over the last few days i have given him a project to follow me.... we both picked the same model, i painted one colour section on mine with him watching, then he painted the same on his model :-D

Monday, 12 March 2012

Even Moar Piggies!

Thats all the Piggies i have photographed, i have another 30pts + Sturm and Drang aswell, making an 89pt army... Completed till the Road Hog is released onto the world!

Moar Piggies!

Piggies of Doom!

I love Farrow... they might suck a bit, but they are by far the coolest army in warmahordes!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

One last one for now...

This bad boy is Wandyr, my favourite Drune, and one of my favourite models of all time!

Thats all i have painted so far, i have loads left to build but its been hectic preparing for the twins arrival :-)

Even Even Moar Drunes!

Even Moar Drunes!

Moar Drunes

Confrontation... new love

The chelmsford bunker has kicked off playing confrontation... 2yrs after Rackham liquidated :-( Grandad Erik has been on at us for years about how good the game was and now we have embraced it in a big way!!!!
Ive always loved the Drunes; angry welsh cannibals is the best analagy and heres what i have painted for my growing Scourge so far:


Welcome to my new blog!

This is to chart my progress in painting up armies for the various systems i play, and to keep me enthusiastic about completing my projects.

This year marks a big change in my gaming life... im going to be a dad in a few weeks! With Twins! This wonderous event will drastically reduce the amount of time i have to game and not to mention the dollar to spend on new toyz hehe

Im also gonna use this blog to keep a record of our other boys first steps into the big world of "little men", or "fanplastic men" as my girlfriend calls them
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