Monday, 30 October 2017

The Walking Dead: Boosters, Boosters and more Boosters

I surprised even myself today, i managed to get all of the remaining twelve miniatures completed in dribs and drabs around housework and helping the boy with his homework haha

Glenn Prison Guard Booster - Walker, Glenn and Wes

Andrea Prison Sniper Booster - Billy & Ben, Andrea and Walker

Rick Prison Advisor Booster - Rick, Harold Abernathy and Walker

Michonne Game Booster - Terry, Michonne and Mike

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Paranoid Miniatures: First battles in Mythos

Last wednesday my mate and i who each picked up a faction had a chance to play for the first time!

To make sure we had the rules sorted, and a good grasp of whats going on, we first played Scenario 1 The Encounter, with our forces fighting to the death over six turns but with no other objectives on the board.

 Rich moved his Angler up but i was able to blast it off the board with both Dorothy and Mercy channeling arcane attacks through Blood.

On turn six only the Dockland Queen remained alive for Rich's Hidden Ones!

We needed a more interactive scenario for our second game, so we went with Scenario 2 Tomes of Power; we needed to pick up mystical tomes across the middle of the board and read their secrets to score victory points... all the whilst fighting off the enemy and trying not to go insane in the process haha!

Rich was able to grab the tome worth 2VP and run off with it, and could spend most of the game reading it and passing it between the Angler and Molly, my giant Goat got an extra action point from Dorothy on turn one so was able to pick up the tome worth 3VP, read it a couple of times and pass it to Dorothy so he could kill the evil crab Click-Clack haha.

The dust settled on turn six and we had tied at 19VP each! Far closer and a much more interesting contest than our first game.

We really enjoyed Mythos; easy to pick up rules, plenty of tactical options each turn and some fantastic models to paint up for it. Much recommended for anyone who is a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos genre or just looking for a new and interesting skirmish game that doesn't break the bank and wont give you a head ache to get playing.

Monday, 23 October 2017

The Walking Dead: Morgan Booster and Maggie Booster

I'm on a roll this evening, two more booster sets painted up:

Maggie, Prison Defender - Susie & Rachel, Eddy (Walker) and Maggie

Morgan, Distraught Father - Eugene, Morgan and Duane (Walker)

Twelve more from this stage of the project remaining now, i hope to have more to show tomorrow!

The Walking Dead: Safety Behind Bars Expansion

Next up for this is the Safety Behind Bars Expansion:

Featuring Dexter, Andrew, Thomas and Axel along with two additional Walkers including the first in riot gear haha

Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Walking Dead: Roamer Booster

Yep back again with some more Walking Dead models!

My client already has these models from the core set so rather than duplicate the schemes i noted down some clothing combinations that i saw on people out and about wearing roughly the same items haha.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Paranoid Miniatures: The Wild Born of Mythos

I've been working on these other the last few days; The Wild Born faction for the game Mythos by Paranoid Miniatures:

Dorothy Good - Leader

Mercy Good

Blood - Familiar

The Goat


The whole force ready for battle!

I first discovered these guys at Salute in 2016, i picked up their first model, The Sea Queen, and painted her on the blog around that time too. The guys ran a successful kickstarter campaign and delivered the pledges over the summer.

A friend of mine saw the models on display at the Colchester Games Fair a few weeks ago and wanted to pick some up so there was the impetus for me to pick up my own force and get some games in!  

We have both painted our forces and have our first game booked in for wednesday! The rules are pretty simple generally 2D6+Stat vs 2D6+Stat, with models having two action points (3 for leader) to move and fight and interact with scenario pieces. I will get some photos taken and post them up :-D

Monday, 16 October 2017

40K: Apostles of Contagion Characters and Drone

These long weeks are a proper killer! Done at last:

Lord of Contagion

Malignant Plaguecaster

Noxious Blightbringer

Foetid Bloat-Drone

A few conversions amongst the characters; i removed the nurgling and the horns from the LoC, put the Plaguecasters spew as fire from his hand, and the Blightbringer is arm swaps with a duplicate plague marine champion.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

40K: Apostles of Contagion get more boots on the ground

This squad has been sat on my shelf for three months half finished; time to do something about it and the last few characters!

Next up will be my Lord of Contagion, a Plaguecaster, a Blightbringer and a Bloat Drone.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Age of Sigmar: Moar Nighthaunt!

This little lot rounds out my Nighthaunt army to 2500pts now:

Spirit Hosts

Cairn Wraith

Tomb Banshee

Im calling this project complete for now, i may add a Black Coach in time but its not high on my list of priorities, and the Knight of the Shroud is due early next year :-D

Monday, 2 October 2017

Shadespire: So hyped for this!

So the release date for Shadespire has finally been given, 21st October with preorder from the 14th! I cant describe how hyped i am for this it looks an amazing concept and game!

For me its been the play through videos that truly hint at the potential for the game, rather than something like the picture above, seeing the combos and strategies unfold on screen has got me wishing for a time machine haha.

Also announced are the release of the first two expansion warbands for the game, both released on the 4th November with preorder the week before:

These will provide not only new decking building options for the Blood Reaver and Stormcast forces but also whole new playstyles themselves with the Ironjawz being more aggressive versions of Sigmars boys and the Sepulcral Guard offering swarm tactics and recursion to overwhelm the enemy. GW also released this handy chart to give a rough break down on initial four factions:

We know that there are eight forces coming very soon, they are all mentioned in the rulebook and are previewed here:

Fyreslayers and Skaven are completely new, and the 7th/8th warbands are further Khorne and Stormcast forces with a box of Blood warriors and a Flesh Hound along with a box of Vanguard Hunters.

I will be going balls deep into this so expect painting and battle reports over the coming months!


Sunday, 1 October 2017

Lord of the Rings: Hunter Orcs completed

Finished off my 12 Hunter Orcs today:

Not Golden Daemon by any stretch but they are serviceable hehe, and that takes me to 730pts fully painted!

I'm going to add a couple more heroes soon, and hopefully GW will release a warband pack for the Gundabad swords and spears like they have for the Lake Town models... and saving me 20 pounds in the process too.
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