Sunday, 28 September 2014

Better late than never... again!

The summer was a very busy period for the family with getting married, missus starting a new job and the holiday to Clacton (woohoo!) so the june update was kind of forgotten :-(

Since April ive painted nearly 400 models, about 50/50 for myself and clients so im eating through my own lead mountain finally haha. I have two more commissions booked in for the year; a blood bowl team to start after the Pigz are painted, then a rather large AvP resin horde when that KS delivers to the client.

Speaking of KS's, ive backed a few over the last few months; Infamy, Darklands, Relics and now Bascus... Most of next years toys will be from kickstarters paid this year so im hoping it will be a cheap year!

Another report and best wishes at the end of 2014 Brush Brethren!

Thornfall Alliance: War Hogs!

Now for some brute force to my piggy army:

War Hog 1
War Hog 2
War Hog 3
Three heavy beasts done, this just leaves me a Road Hog, Dr Arkadius and a shit load of Bonegrinders to do hehe
A good friend of mine is lending me his Farrow army for the Masters aswell so I can fill out bits that I wont get painted in time such as Rorsh n Brine or more Slaughterhousers.

Thornfall Alliance: Warlocks and Solos

I bitched the painting on these yesterday before some friends came over for dinner, and they left too late to get the photos up hehe

Lord Carver - Warlock
Midas - Warlock
Targ - Warlock Attachment Solo
Victor Pendrake - Solo
I have my three Warhogs on the painting table for today, hopefully I can get them done by close of play!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Thornfall Alliance: Light Beasts

My game at the bunker was cancelled last night so I decided to use the time to get some painting done and chat to my mates whilst they all gamed. I was challenged to see how many beasts I could get done in the three hours I was going to be at the club:

Gun Boars
Five beasties to a gaming standard in three hours haha!
Astute readers will know that Gorax aren't minion beasts but Circle ones, they are available via Dr Arkadius's new tier list which is too good to pass up ;-D

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Thornfall Alliance: Brigands

Painted up the largest unit in my army, the Farrow Brigands, over the last two evenings:


Next up will be some beasties, hopefully by the end of the week :-D

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Thornfall Alliance: Slaughterhousers

Painted up this unit of Slaughterhousers this morning:


Im off to 4tk to go and pick up the latest round of Cephalyx releases and maybe grab some more pigz... Dr Arkadius new tier list requires a couple of the Circle Gorax's to get to T4 and its an awesome new spin on his game haha

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thornfall Alliance: Return of the Pigz!

The lure of the pigz was too strong to resist for long, they are crap but have always been my force for warmachine and I couldn't leave them be:

Razor Boars

I plan to use the pigz at the London Masters in October at Wayland Games so these are taking priority over the Cephalyx who will feature in the Bunkers 2015 journeyman league.

Moar pigs soon...

Friday, 12 September 2014

Unleashing the Conspiracy of Darklands haha

Three models to show today and they are all from different projects!

Seza, Drune Death-Abhorrant
Satsuki, Ito Clan
Penangglan, Cult of Yurei


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Project Cephalyx: Begin!

This marks the start of my Cephalyx army for Warmachine, a new Mercenary Contract that I can use at tourneys to fight along side my existing Searforge force.

These are just the assembled and undercoated forms so far, its been a mad week with working nights and ive not got a scrap of painting done since the last blog post:

Exulon Thexus - Warcaster
Warden and Wrecker - Heavy Monstrosities
Mind Bender and Drudges
Mind Slaver and Drudges (Old metal ones, more on route)
Tactical Arcanist Corps (Dominated Unit)
Overlords 1
Overlords 2
Overlords 3
Drudge Gobbers!
Still to come are Dominatiors for the Merc units, the new Croe's Cutthroat box, two Agitators and a box of the new plastic Mind Slaver and Drudges :-D

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