Monday, 29 April 2013

Daikinee Updates

I took a day off painting Odin's Ryu to finish off the five Daikinee's that have been sat on the paint station for a couple of weeks:

Daikinee Guardians


Standard Bearer

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Prefecture of Ryu: Various!

Busy week, busy times! Ive worked away at these guys over the course of the last week and finished them last night:



More to follow soon, just the starter set to go!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Prefecture of Ryu: Mikio

Ive finished the first model in the Prefecture of Ryu commission, Mikio, a Sumo Wrestler hehe!

Next up will be Mizuchi the Awakened, a Dragon! Its about 50% done at the mo, and will be finished tomorrow as i need some sleep :-)

Saturday, 20 April 2013


So its the day after salute, and all across the country, people are waking up to build all their brand new toys hehe!

I came back with a good haul: 4 oriental style buildings from Oshiro, the awesome Tallulah Belle and Frank Hyde from Infamy, preordered the Dragon Huntress from JoeK Minis and picked up a couple of additions to my Savage Wave and Temple forces from GCT Studios.

Whilst chatting with the guys at GCT, i showed them pics of my Savage Wave models and they earnt me a commission!!!! Im to paint up a large force of Prefecture of Ryu minis for Odin!!! This a big opportunity for me to show case my work! And i will be demoing for them at next years salute, im gonna bring my badass board and shiny new buildings yeah.

GCT - Studio Models

GCT - Preview of Upcoming Goodies!

Infamy Miniatures - Studio Minis and Unpainted versions

JoeK Minis - Studio Minis

Kings of War - Darren's Orcs vs Tom's Elves

Kings of War - My Undead vs Tom's Elves
A great day was had by all, an early start and a late finish but its a lot of fun and i cant recommend it enough to people. Working for a company on the day is a better than going just as punter, you still get to see everything and often get some toyz for your efforts hehe.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Savage Wave Starter Set Part 2

An epic days painting, really got through the Bakemono quickly!


They are funny looking little things but they were good to paint up and look nice on the table. Next up will be the Temple set, but i hope to add to these with some toys at Salute tomorrow :-D

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Savage Wave Starter Set Part 1

As i mentioned on a previous post, i am now a Retainer for GCT, so i needed to pick up some more factions to use! I went with the savage wave and temple of rokan starter sets to begin with, and then i will expand upon them over time.

First up is Zuba from the Savage Wave


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Midas Tier 4 list: Off to the Slaughterhouse we go!

6 badass Slaughterhousers done and dusted for my Midas list:


The list is coming together nicely now, the last bits i needed have finally arrived from Tolehaven and i'll be able to start on them after Salute is done.

In other news, Spartan have posted up pics of the latest fleet releases... this one caught my eye:

Dystopian Wars goes Crocodile Dundee haha! Soooooo getting bought!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

22 to go!

Three more Daikinees done, some Archers in the new style:

Im really enjoying painting these again, i will crack on with some more tomorrow or wednesday as i have a unit of farrow slaughterhousers on the paint table i need to finish up for tuesdays game of Hordes against Supreme Archdominar Sherwin haha

Saturday, 13 April 2013

More Nuem!

Well one at least, a third Specialis Pueri, this will round my army out to 600pts when the rest of the kickstarter goodies come in a few months.

Im seriously tempted to add another unit of paenitentiam or two to my collection as jammers for large games a bit later one. I will have sufficient robots with the concursus and medicae to arrive, but some more cheap bodies to fill out the ranks would be good.

Hopefully Tor will do another kickstarter at the end of the year, or at least a preorder system to finance the Ruina, the Prefectus and Equities to finish off the faction... i want 2 Ruina, 2 Prefectus and 6 Equities as soon as possible!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Daikinee Countdown

Right, im making a concerted effort to finish off my Daikinee army for Confrontation, they are the last models i have to paint up from 2012! Its not that i dont like them or cant be arsed, its just a case of new shiny has always come in between me and them... my mate Sherwin still has his Devourers to finish and they are from feb last year too, and he has added more Skorne than god to his Hordes haha.

I painted these up quick last night, rough and ready schemes are whats needed, and these all must be done by the summer as the Convergence will be my sole focus (see what i did there!) for a long time when they are released in July.

Kaelis the Pariah

Sylvan Anime

6 down, 25 to go hahaha then im fully painted yeah!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Unleashing the Ito: Part 11

Quick update, Kazuhiko arrived on monday and i got him painted last night:

Yes i know, he looks like he needs a wee, but he was a nice model to paint up, and its given me a new way of painting skin thats quick and easy:

1) Cadian Fleshtone
2) Earthshade Wash
3) Highlight Cadian Fleshtone
4) Highlight Cadian fleshtone + Ushabti Bone

I like the coverage this has and it creates a warm skin colour compared to the lighter ones ive used in the past!

As part of being a retainer, i have to run demos and intro games to spread the word, so i have ordered the Temple of Ro-Kan and Savage Wave starter sets. I will get these done asap as i have a demo evening planned for the 29th May at the bunker.

Monday, 8 April 2013

It's arrived....

My battleboard arrived today!


The boards look awesome in the flesh, i need the water features to cure a liitle longer before the table sees some use. I'd like to thank Richard Hale of Battleboards UK for a brilliant service, if anyone is after a display quality board they should send him an email!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Its Tohaa Time!

Seems like an age ago i bought these at the Campaign Paradiso event at tabletop nation in october. I finally got round to starting on them yesterday and finished them off this morning.

Line Troopers

Clipsos Infiltrator

Sakiel Veteran
Ectos Heavy Trooper
Thats the starter box done, there have been quite a few releases for the Tohaa since this came out so im well behind, but i need to get some more games in before i expand my force.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Relics updates

The first of my kickstarter goodies arrived yesterday!

Moar Sagittarius! Thats my 400pts painted for the expo in May... the rest of my stuff is still being sculpted so this is it until a cheeky Pueri comes from Trolltrader in a week or so.

In other news, ive finally started on the Tohaa i got back in october!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bushido Battle Report: Ito Clan vs Cult of Yurei 2

Big news... I am now a Retainer for GCT Studios, part of the demo team for Bushido! I got confirmation yesterday so i was very happy, and will be continuing to spread the way of the warrior haha.

I played another game last night against my mate Shape's dastardly Cult, 35 Rice, using the Keii scenario, where we have to drop gift tokens off at 4 idols, scoring more points for the ones further away from your starting position.

Setup - Both forces arrayed for battle across the clearing, ready to appease the spirits with some goodies!
Turn 1 - Both forces move up as fast as they can, ready to get position for later turns. The temple Bushi in the forground places a gift token to get some points on the board (1-0) 
Turn 2 - A cunning ploy by me and a school boy error by Shape enabled Itsunagi to get a charge off on Kato and gut him in one swipe! He had moved up so the Kairai could leech off him but Shape didnt deploy the marionette to block a charge lane as he thought he was safe! Akimoto was sacrified to draw out Ikiryo away from Itsu haha (3-1, 1VP to Ito)

Turn 3 - Ikiyo continues to batter the Ito with her stink eye, she cant get a void attack on Itsu as he is facing the wrong way, so she tries to zap sakura but rolls badly. Itsu scores a gift token on the far shrine, ramping up my points. The right side Bushi tries to hold off two kairai but eventually succomes to the onslaught, enabling Shape to get some more tokens in. My other Bushi lines up a charge on Ikiryo but is too scared to move! (8-5)

Turn 4/5 - Itsu gets the first charge on Ikiryo, managing to kill her and survive the returned damage on one wound! Its looking bad for the cult as their two big guys are down but they arent out of it. the kairai farmer scores more gift points and they begin a march to my idol. The kairai milita is finally downed by the surving Bushi on the left. (10-7)
Turn 6 - Itsunagi gets the charge on the armoured kairai and finishes him off, trapping the farmer in melee with him, and even when exhausted he is able to kill the offending zombie with one big sword swipe haha. Final keii points are 10-7 to me, and a 3-0 VP win!
Another great game, it was far closer than the wipe out suggested as Shape was only 1 token from gaing a draw! We both agree the game is much better played to scenario than a simple dust up in a field, our two games have been very close dispite a wipe out each time. Shape will be adding some new guys to his force for our next game and i plan to drop Itsunagi and Sakura for Kenzo and Ayako to mix it up too.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Next step... the world!

Big changes are afoot at Fanplastic Little Men, we are expanding our from paint sales and magic card sales in a big way! More will be revealed soon but its going to be an epic year thats for sure :-D

First up however is our new logo, kindly created by my good friend Darren of Flare Miniature Painting fame:

Darren is a talented artist and this logo is badass, and captures exactly what Fanplastic Little Men is all about!

Monday, 1 April 2013

4Tk Dark Vengence & Heroes for Heroes Combine!

A while ago 4tkgaming asked me to paint up their Ltd Ed Chaplain Seraphicus from the Dark Vengence set as their entry for the Heroes for Heroes event i set up. With the gwemberlies being ill, my fiance being ill and grief with my work its taken a while to get it finished, but here he is:


Last tie i was at the 4tk store they were just setting up an intro game using the set i painted up foor them. It was very rewarding seeing my work in use and had lots of questions to answer about them and other miniatures i'd painted from 4tk customers :-D

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