Friday, 31 December 2021

Welcome to 2022

 Well thats done and dusted so its time to look up and forward for a better year!

I failed in my goal of some South American gaming, to many other projects that got in the way sadly... i will come back to hit at some point hehe.

I painted 991 models this last year, ranging from AoS nurgle to warmaster beastmen to Baratheons for ASOIAF, quite an enjoyable mix if i do say so myself... only 81 blog posts for the year tho, thats not great as ive struggled to get a lot of computer time around home life recently.

This year im going to be starting Pike and Shotte with a few of the guys so a Montrose army will be gracing the pages of the blog in short order hehe... just waiting on 120 bonnet hats to arrive from warlord then i can get cracking!

Thats going to be my aim this year, fully painted for Pike n Shotte!

A Song of Ice and Fire: Queens Men and Zorse Riders!

 Time flies when your having fun haha, really struggled to get time to access a computer after our main one died and my eldest is glued to his laptop playing football manager!

Last models painted for 2021, taking me to 991 for the year whoop!!

Monday, 13 December 2021

A Song of Ice and Fire: Baratheon King's Men

 Next unit for the on going Baratheon Project are the King's Men:

Amazing models but not the most useful in the game... A sad trend with most of the Loyalty units in the Baratheon army. Its hoped they will get better in the upcoming errata to the game. 

Thursday, 9 December 2021

He-Man Miniatures Game: Brightmoon Reinforcements

 A few more arrivals for this project today:

Too Bad - Evil Warriors

Brightmoon Officer and Queen Angela

The Sorceress

She Ra on Swiftwind

Brightmoon Guard on Stridor

Thats it for these for a bit, back to the Baratheons!

Saturday, 4 December 2021

A Song of Ice and Fire: Dragonstone Nobles!

 Two of the fantastic Dragonstone Nobles completed today, 4pt solos for the Stannis side of the faction hehe:


Time for something a bit different next, more He-Man!
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