Sunday, 25 February 2018

Godtear: Shayle and The Golem

Next up for me is the mysterious Shayle and his mighty Golem follower:

Shayle is a Shaper type Champion, Godtear's equivalent of a mage, he buffs friendly models really well but has minimal damage output of his own... this is fine as he has the giant rock monster Golem with him able to do all the fighting he needs haha

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Godtear: Rhodri Ironheart & The Household Guard

Yes Godtear! My models arrived during the week and having spent much of my free time constructing them and all the dice & tokens it was finally time to start painting!

I picked Rhodri and his followers as my first unit to paint, i had a simple scheme in mind for them and was itching to get my teeth into this project:

Rhodri Ironheart, Thane of the Forsaken Hold

The Household Guard

The models were supplied with round bases; 40/50mm for the Champions & Golem, and 25mm for the followers, but given that the game is played on a hex mat it seemed appropriate to base them on hexes; 50mm for Champs & Golem, and 25mm for followers.

The whole kit has been built, undercoated and shading washed so its ready to go!

Monday, 19 February 2018

Moonstone: Wave 1 Complete!

After what seems like an eternity i have finished painting these awesome Human models for the Commonwealth faction in Moonstone:

The Barony - Flintlock, Baron Von Fancyhat and Erik the Squire

Tumbledown Street - Quack, Fritz and Agatha Tavernfrau

Friar Flavius

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Black Gate Miniatures: Junk Lobba and unreleased masters

Another fun week but i have these now finished:

Tyrant Hero (Freebie for backers)

Yeti and Savage Kin (3rd Sculpts)

Junk Lobba!

I appear to have just one more week on this bitch ass work site so will get a post up tomorrow but then wont be free till the weekend again :(

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Age of Sigmar: Knight of Shrouds

More Nighthaunt! The Knight of Shrouds is a great new addition to my Nighthaunt army:

The first Nighthaunt hero with a command ability (And a good one at that!) means hes going straight into my lists hehe.

Legions of Nagash is also out now and ive had a bit of time to digest it.... The short of it is whilst most of my warscolls have had a boost with improved or increased mortal wound output, i cant use any off the Legion abilities unless i add some regular "Death" battleline models such as skeletons or dire wolves etc, and this will dramatically change how he ary works but will make it masses more survivable with a billion dice of regen hahaha

Monday, 12 February 2018

Lord of the Rings: Gundabad Troll Brute

Im alive!

Twelve days since i painted anything! Work is killing me haha! Its half term so i have three kids running about and i got this big lad done whilst sorting calpol, playdoh and baking cookies:

Not sure how effective he will be compared to the armoured ones but its a great model none the less... time to sell more old minis and books to get the last troll
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