Friday, 31 May 2013

Infamy Miniatures: Dr Henrietta Jekyll

This is the third and final Infamy model I have at the mo; Dr Henrietta Jekyll, leader of the Monstrous Menagerie Gang.


I really liked painting this mini, very detailed yet it was easy to pick out the various sections such as the potions and equipment, without getting paint on the dress again. I'm particularly pleased with how the weaponry has turned out! I will be adding to my collection soon, but I have some Nuem to paint up first!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bushido Night at the Bunker

Last night I ran demo games of Bushido for the guys at the Bunker. Between Shape and myself we had 4 of the 5 factions available for people to use (only the Ryu were lacking). Games ran all night and I felt it best to get people started off playing then try the system out for themselves rather than me leading them through the entire game... it seemed to work as the guys were happily playing along and murdering their opponents boys!

We had 8 players and around a dozen watchers throughout the evening, taking breaks in there games of other systems, and feedback was positive so hopefully we shall see some more Bushido players at the Bunker in the near future... along with a tourney and some custom dice, everybody loves custom dice haha.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Savage Wave: Bobata

The last of my current collection of Bushido minis, Bobata the Bell Ringer:


More will be purchased soon have no fear hehe

Temple of Ro-Kan: Atko

The little kiddy monk who goes with the Guardian:


Thats all the Temple minis i have at the moment, it will be Bobata from the Savage Wave next, then its back to the Nuem from Relics as i have had a fair few of them arrive!

In other news, my Darklands Ysiran Drunes have arrived... they are bloody awesome toyz, i cant wait to get cracking on them but it will have to wait till the bulk of the Nuem are done.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Temple of Ro-Kan: The Guardian

Family day today, we all went to the local park and had a nice lunch out so ive had a bit bit of time to paint up this chap this evening:

He is the Guardian, a badass Gorilla who fights for the Temple... Atko, his controller, will be done tomorrow but now its off to sleep!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Hasslefree Minis: Diceni Boudica

Last but not least for todays bumper updates is Boudica from the diceni games show:


Infamy Miniatures: Tallulah Belle

I actually completed this a day or so ago but have been waiting for my entry in the Wamp Forum Infamy painting competition to be approved so i could post this elsewhere:


I was stuck for inspiration on how to paint her, but then it hit me... she is based on tinkerbell, so tinkerbell it is! Another awesome model to paint up, such fine detailing on the clothing it has really pushed me as a painter and im quite pleased how she turned out!

Ive put a cheeky order in for Henrietta Jekyll to be my next one of the range i paint up so what this space for more Infamy updates...

Joek Minis: Mr Bad Axe

This is Mr Bad Axe from JoeKminis, a small company specialising in resin character models. I came across Joe's site on facebook and upon seeing Mr Bad Axe i just had to get one!


I also have the brilliant Dragon Huntress on preorder after seeing it in the flesh and talking to Joe at Salute about it and the rest of his range... i hope to add a few more to my collection in the near future, especially Mr Good axe haha.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Infamy Miniatures: Frank Hyde painted and reviewed

About 6 months ago i came across a range of amazing figures from a company called Infamy Miniatures, a cracking little company run by a nice guy called James. I made a point of ordering some toys to pick up at salute, and had a good chat with him about his range and his plans for a board game / dungeon crawler set in a dystopian victorian era london... complete with evil sherlock homes!

I picked up Frank Hyde and Tallulah Belle first, but i intend to complete the range over the coming year as i like the whole lot haha.

First up is Frank:


This is the most detailed model i have ever painted! Luckily most of him is flesh so i was able to blue wash a lot of it to get some colour onto all those bulging veins hehe. Then it was cadian flesh tone, earth shade wash then highlight of flesh tone and pallid wych flesh.
I wanted to try out some nmm on the chain weapon so started with some grey lowlights and some whiter highlighting before dulling it down with some earthshade. I added some rust effect with some lugganath orange edge paint drybrushed on, and then flicked some more earthshade over it.
I bought a load of cobblestone bases from Tiny Worlds on ebay and have enough to cover quite a few releases so im looking forward to more stuff coming out, and will be backing and promoting the upcoming kickstarter on this site.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Temple of Ro-Kan: Rice Farmers

Starter set Rice Farmers:

These chaps complete the Temple starter force so i can get some proper demo games organised! I will be adding to these and my Savage Wave in due course and will attempt to complete the factions as i have done with my Ito Clan.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Temple of Ro-Kan: Yumi

Yumi is done, just the Rice Farmers to finish off tomorrow:


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Temple of Ro-Kan: Master Ekusa

Scratch one Old Boy!


Temple of Ro-Kan: Kenko

Finally started my Temple demo set! First up is Kenko:


Master Ekusa is not far off from being finished too, he'll be next up very soon..

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tor Gaming Expo done and dusted!

Yesterday was the Tor Gaming Expo at Tabletop Nation, and many eager gamers turned up bright and early for opening and setting up. The tables were all laid out and Gav setup the studio minis and trophies for display:


Game 1 was against Kasper, a nice Danish champ using Britanans. Kasper had played about as many as i had so we made the best of it and muddled through! I got some early kills on his marksmen and lost a couple on paenitentiam, but the game turned when he fluffed his kings anger spell and the tormentas gacked his RAG in my next activation. the rest of the game was a bit of a mopping up as my heavy guns reaped a toll on his puppets.... the game ended with one wounded CSM left!

Game 2 versus Carl and his Britanans, one central objective that we scored points for holding each turn. Like my Game against Kasper, Carl's guns were unable to get through my armoured Nuem, only a few paens fell on the approach to the objective! At dice down on turn 6, i had reduced carl's force to 3 puppets and a CSM, having had much better dice when i needed them though out the entire game!

Game 3 was the decider against Tom, one of the early play testers for the game and his Vaettir. Tom was also undefeated at this stage so it was on this game that the tourney would be decided. Luckily for me the dice gods were shining on the Nuem and the thinly armoured fairies succomed to the guns hehe. I'd managed to clear the flanks but was held in the centre grinding my 4 dedicatus against 2 vistonins, both unable to finish off the other, and on turn 6 i was able to capture tom's objectives near his back field.

After the dust had cleared, Rob worked out the final points, and it was time to present some awards! Kasper got the spoon after 3 crushing defeats but he took it with good humor and grace... Gav offered him a starter box for any other faction to help improve his luck haha. Christine rightly won best painted armies and single model, the effects on her cloaks and armour were brilliant! Second place went to Carl after he crushed Christine's Nuem for some payback, learning quickly to snipe exposed Pueri's who glue the force together!

But first place flukely went to me after three cracking games and three hard fought victories! As well as my amazing trophy plaque i picked up a Britanan starter set and im eager to build them up and expand the force to a smiliar size as my Nuem.

My trophy plaque, to take pride of place in my new display cabinet, hopefully the first of many as i will definitely be back to defend my title at future events! Many thanks to Gav from Tor Gaming, and Rob from 4tkgaming for organising an awesome days gaming, cheers gents!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Daikinees.... 12 to go!

5 more done, 12 to go!

Dream Warrior 2

Zephyrs 2
Sylphs 2

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Midas Tier 4: Bonegrinders

Just a quick update, the last of the farrow i have are now complete:


Later in the year i hope to strip and repaint a lot of my older farrow models, to bring them inline with my new style of painting them. This probably wont be till october at the earliest tho!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Midas Tier 4 Project: Little Piggies

Odin's Ryu are all parceled up as is my kings of war undead ready for a mammoth trip to the post office tomorrow morning!

I carried on a bit of work with my Midas project, completing 2 more Razorboars for the list:

I had to sculpt a new right hand side for the left hand pig, it was a mispack and i got another left piece! I modelled and then painted it up as some scars and burns so the mismatching between the sides looks quite effective in the flesh.

I have the last 4 bonegrinders on the go aswell, they are about 50% done and should be ready tomorrow night i reckon :-D

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Prefecture of Ryu: Starter Box

Its been a busy week, i started a new job on monday so have been finding my feet with that but i managed to complete the Ryu starter set:

Ryu Yariman
That completes the commission i was given, 2 weeks early which is nice, and below is a group shot of the whole project:

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