Saturday, 28 June 2014

Conspiracy of the Cult: Moar Kairai!

Last two for today and the last two of my Cult forces:

Armoured Kairai
Kairai Farmer

Unleashing the Ito: Saburo

This is me back up to date with the Ito:


Saburo is a crafty Ashigari who can make himself go camouflaged in terrain, stopping enemies from targeting him with attacks and feats haha

Conspiracy of the Cult: Kairai Milita

Second model for the day, another Kairai Militia for my Cult of Yurei. I traded a starter set with a mate who wasn't going to do anything with them as he wanted to concentrate on his Silvermoons for now. I can make use of the zombies from the set as there are two profiles on each of the Kairai cards, the extra Kato and Ikiryo I have passed on to another mate for creating the design for my upcoming Cephalyx dice for warmachine.


Unleashing the Ito: Yatsumata

With all the Cult and Silvermoon stuff ive been painting of late my Ito were feeling a bit neglected! Here is Yatsumata, the giant snake monster that was released in April for the boys in green haha

This was a touch to paint, really like how my three wash technique picks out the scales if I do say so myself :-D

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Silvermoon Trade Syndicate: Up to date!

A night away for work gave me the time to finish the rest of my STS off:

Okkete San and Akuma
Now that they are finished I have the last two Ito releases to work on along with some more zombies for my Cult and a few additions to my Prefecture force hehe

Friday, 20 June 2014

Conspiracy of the Cult: Mega Update!

Big update on these boys ahead of then Jwardiff tourney tomorrow, myself and Sherwin will be busting over to Wales for the Bushido tournament at Firestormn Games run by Greeny and Rudders yeah boi!

Nezumi Kun

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Dark Age: Dragyri Fire Caste

Wayland Games have an intro event for Dark Age on the 29th of June which I figured was a perfect opportunity to finally jump into this game haha:


Spirit Lord
Volcanic Phalanx
Volcanic Helot

Silvermoon Trade Syndicate: Starter Set part 1

10 months after purchase I finally get round to painting these awesome model!


The rest of my Silvermoons will be up very shortly... hopefully!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

40k Orks Commission: Warboss & Nobz

A new client from the Harlow Games Club has asked me to paint up a Warboss and Nobz Retinue for him, with a view to further units down the road in a semi regular pattern. Nothing too fancy, his army is from the Goff Klan so black and metal it is!



Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dark Elf Army Commission: Cauldron of Blood and Finished!

Its been emotional, that's the quote isn't it? I has been a slog at times but this massive project is now complete... for now hehe

Cauldron of Blood
Close up on Khaine

Close up on the Witches
The whole force in all its glory!

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