Sunday, 31 December 2017

Wasteman: Behemoths ready for battle

Finally i get round to painting these awesome monsters!

Rad Dragon




Its fitting that the last models i paint of 2017 are my last four Wasteman models, its my favourite model range and Jason has just got married to cap off a great year for him!

In 2018 i will be receiving the minis from the Mega Mutie Mercs ks and Radtown Ruins ks so the range will be gracing the blog many more times over the next 12 months :-D 

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Runewars: Waiqar Carrion Lancers

A quick project from yesterday:

Two Carrion Lancers for my mates Waiqar army, bases to be completed by him to match his force. I'm planning to pick up an Uthuk force for Runewars to play against his Waiqar and Daqan armies, these or the Latari Elves dont really suit me but the crazy berzerkers and monsters of the Locust Horde are right up my street haha.

Runewars is a good little game and worth trying out!

Friday, 29 December 2017

Moonstone: Wave 1 Dominion completed

Finally some brush time this holiday!

Ive finished off the Goblins and the Faerie Queen for the Dominion faction in Moonstone today:

Goblin City - Doug the Flatulent, Vicious Midget and Beaky Bobby

Mushrooms & Mayhem - Seasick Steve, Shabroom and Boom Boom McBoom

Grub (Two Player Starter Box)

Queen Diana (KS Freebie)

I will crack on with the Humans shortly but needed these finishing asap!

Friday, 22 December 2017

Lord of the Rings: Azog and his Legion

The recent release of Battle Companies has got a few more people at the club playing, so i thought what better time to pick up some much needed reinforcements for my Gundabad force:

Azog on White Warg

Gundabad Orc Captain

Gundabad Orc Warband with a Banner

I have a box of Fell Wargs coming hopefully next week, im going to split them with a mate as i only need one for if Azog dismounts from it, so will get that sorted as soon as i can.

I definitely want to add one of those cracking trolls from Forgeworld to my force thats for sure, then i will get a few games in before picking up more stuff as its then a case of more of the same until Forgeworld makes the last few bits of the army haha. 

Monday, 18 December 2017

Guildball: Masons team for the boy!

Regular readers will remember gaming adventures with my Stepson Jacob, these have dimmed off over the last couple of years as he has sadly become obsessed with football and playstation...the misguided fool!

I managed to peak his interest with Guildball a little as its basically footy with big sticks, and hes now old enough to understand how to play it. He wanted me to paint his team up for him, so i went for a West Ham Utd style strip and painted the players to look like his football idols haha:

Team shot


Honour and Harmony

Ball and Flint

Mallet and Marbles

Now to teach him how to play!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Guildball: Blacksmith's Team Commission

So a couple of weeks ago i was contacted by a guy from The Netherlands, he had seen the Hunters team i recently finished and wanted to get his Blacksmith's painted up. The Forged from Steel box arrived on Saturday and since then i have been busy working away on these:

Team shot!

Anvil (Master)

Sledge (Apprentice)

Ferrite (Master)

Iron (Apprentice)

Furnace (Master)

 Cinder (Apprentice)

 Ball Token



Really pleased with how they have turned out, I do like following the art for Guildball models, its pretty straightforward to do and can give great results! 

Monday, 4 December 2017

Godtear: More Art from Steamcon USA!

Steamcon USA was held over the weekend, and the Steamforged guys were showing of more art and digital sculpts from the upcoming Godtear range:

Orc Champion

Orc Champion and Unit sculpts

 Elf Unit art

Elf Champion and Unit sculpts

The full range of 6 Champions and their Units believed to be in the early release pack

"Undead Champion" sculpt

"Undead Champion" art

Tonnes more people got to see the wip game demoed and talked to Steamforged about it and its all good from the Americans hehe!

Guildball: Fractured Loyalty and Seasoned Brisket

I was in the zone yesterday so finished these four models in a couple of hours!

Brisket - Captain

Gutter (Solthecian Alt Model)

Coin & Ball (Solthecian Alt Model)

So thats a legal 6 model line up sorted, enough for some games at the club, but not enough depth to take to a tourney....

Seasoned Spiggot!

Harry the Hat (Solthecian Alt Model)

Solthecian Lion Mascot

Decimate (Solthecian Alt Model)

Thats more like it hehe, full ten roster!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Dungeons & Dragons Commission

I was contacted during the week by a group starting a D&D campaign with a couple of new members wanting to have painted characters. Meeting up dodgy deal style in the shadow of battersea power station to pick up the minis haha:

Undead Drow Wizard

Dwarf Paladin

These are a couple of 3D prints from Shapeways the guys had picked up with integral bases, and made a fun quick project!

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