Friday, 29 December 2017

Moonstone: Wave 1 Dominion completed

Finally some brush time this holiday!

Ive finished off the Goblins and the Faerie Queen for the Dominion faction in Moonstone today:

Goblin City - Doug the Flatulent, Vicious Midget and Beaky Bobby

Mushrooms & Mayhem - Seasick Steve, Shabroom and Boom Boom McBoom

Grub (Two Player Starter Box)

Queen Diana (KS Freebie)

I will crack on with the Humans shortly but needed these finishing asap!


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers mate, Moonstone is a quality little game, well worth looking in to when it comes to retail in a few months!

  2. So glad I backed this. The miniatures and your paintjob on them look great. Hopefully the game will be any any good to 😉😁.

  3. Yeah this is a very good game, plays similar to guildball but is far less taxing on the brain!


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