Thursday, 31 January 2013

Godslayer Kickstarter

Megalith Games had announced a kickstarter campaign to fund translation of their rulebook and game cards into German... and now its gone live!

I love this game, awesome high fantasy setting.... Ancient greeks and Romans vs Trolls and Beastmen! Yes please! Ive pledged to help out, i have all the current releases for my factions so i went for the t-shirt option hehe

Ive been playing the game since it was released and contributing on the forums for a lot longer and cant recommend it enough. Andre and the guys are always on the forum answering questions, offering advice and getting stuck in to debates on armylists and faction tactics.

A player base is starting to build both in the UK and Germany so you wont be short of an opponent or two!

Monday, 28 January 2013

A Pox on the world!

A couple of 3am to 5am painting sessions due to evil babies wanting bottles have born fruit and ive completed the rest of my Banebrood.

Gorelord - My Warlord
Pestbringer - Support Character

Maldire Mongrels - Basic Light Infantry

Thats all my Banebrood finished till more are released. A few months ago i was asked to do a review of the system for Kingsley Distribution, giving pros and cons of the system as they were looking to stock it. I gave my honest opinion of it and it seems they have decided to stock it!
This will mean cheaper toys and free postage for us UK players and more exposure for a good quality game. This is great news, everyone loves cheaper toys and im sure Cymbeline Games will be able to sort us out with some deals haha.
In other Godslayer news, Megalith Games will be running a kickstarter campaign at the end of the month to finance the translation of rulebooks and cards into German. They have stated that all deals offered will be available for English translated products too, so maybe some bonus goodies could be on route...

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Heroes for Heroes on ebay

My Chaos Champion is now on ebay, please bid well on it, its for a great cause!

Bear Hug

Im cracking on with my Banebrood warband for Godslayer, and first completed is the Ursapine, a massive bear/porcupine creature that can roll into a ball and deathspin attack across the board!

Ive started on the rest of the warband, hopefully they'll be done in the next day or so too.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

40k's last hurrah...

My massive Black Legion chaos marine army is hitting ebay over the course of the wkend, 8000pts nearly all painted to a reasonable standard. I dont play 40k anymore and its just taking up space in my man cave, its my last GW army, kind of sad to see it depart but the needs must...

Bid well!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Heroes for Heroes Update 1

Here is my entry for the Heroes for Heroes event, i shall be putting it on ebay on saturday, please bid well thank you!

This was my first crack at non metallic metal, i had intended to do the power armour in it to create a mirror effect but couldnt get it to work right, so i settled on just the trim and chest decorations.
I picked up a technique from a Kenaz Raynor DVD i got from Trolltrader, but modified the process for the colours i have:
Balor Brown - Iyanden Darksun - Ungor Flesh - Pallid Wych Flesh - Agrnax Earthshade - Pallid Wych Flesh.
I think it turned out ok, and i'll definitely try it again on a suitable model.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Relics reinforcements

The primay goal has been surpassed now so its on with the stretch goals!

Previews of the 2nd stretch goal have been show, and nuem's entry is they equites, mental mono wheeled robotic death machines haha. And those of us who have backed the campaign get to see cobcept art for the Ruina.... think if chaos dwarves and cryx made a dreadnought, and you wouldnt be far off. It will tower over the dedicatus that have already been released, and ive told the missus that our kids will go without nappies for me to possess this!

Please back the campaign, Relics is great fun and definitely worth a go!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Relics reinforcements Kickstarter

Tor's Kick starter went online this morning and has passed the £2000 mark which is great going so far! It only needs another £1000 to reach funding then the stretch goals can start to be unlocked!

Gav has a new video up showing a lot of the artwork for the concepts, please back this campaign... i want my new toys hahaha!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Flesh Titan!

Quick update on Kings of War, i found my 3-up zombie i picked a while ago, ive been planning to use him as a giant for my undead. Now, giants arent in the undead arm list, so i was planning to use it as a skeleton regiment so it has enough attacks and resilince to rep its stats appropriately!

Darren at Flare Miniature Painting has done an excellent job on his 3-up Orc for his giant (!/photo.php?fbid=426122984123015&set=a.426122934123020.78387351.278380532230595&type=1&theater), and i'll be attending salute with him and Tom of Cymbeline Games, running big demo games of Kings of War so i get to face the mighty Blind Mungo with my own Flesh Titan!!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Nasty little Relics!

My last few nuem for Relics are finished up:

Sagittarius 2

Paenitentiam 2

Bar two more Dedicatus to make a unit of Metus Dedicatus, that's the army done till the kickstarter campaign is funded!
Next up from me is my entry for the Heroes for Heroes event...

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Relics Kickstarter Preview

Early next week, Tor Gaming will be introducing a new kickstarter campaign for their game system Relics. Relics, as ive recently discovered is a brilliant game with a unique setting as the worlds first 'stitchpunk' wargame! The models are awesome, and the rules are intuitive and leave plenty of scope for tactical play.

Tor have made the pledges a little different from most campaigns, each pledge gives you money to spend in the Relics kickstarter online store, the Nuem list is shown below as im familiar with the range and its the one im most interested in (A new rulebook v1.1, will also be available during the campaign). The top two pledge levels offer some special rewards... who fancies lunch and some games with Gavin Moorcroft (Tor's big boss and game creator) at Tor Towers at the £200 level, and at £750, you get to be made into a puppeteer figure, and your likeness will grace tabletops world wide!!!

As can be seen from this, all the current ranges are displayed, as are some that were unlocked in the last kickstarter earlier in the year, and it shows the Degener, which is one of the primary goals for the campaign. Looking at the list as it stands at the start, im probably in for a Rulebook, a Degener, 4 Concursus and 4 Medicae, which would come to £58, so i'd need to pledge at least £50 as you get a bonus amount on top of your pledge to spend. this would be my minimum as new toys will be unlocked and more minis will become available.

Like all kickstarts, it has a primary goal outlined at the start, and when the inital goal is smashed, the stretch goals can be reached and more goodies unlocked. The project target goals are shown below:

When this goal is reached, stretch goal 1 is unlocked. This will comprise the following models for our perusal:
Further goals will enable the sculpting of more missing profiles from the rulebook, currently there are 4 planned which should see the line up completed. Gav, informs us that should the campaign surpass that level then it will enable the sculpting of the first models of the planned new factions for the game; The Ridend and the C'thu!
As you can see from my recent posts of my growing Nuem army, i really like this game and will be giving it my full support.... i want my new toys to paint, and i want to make my wallet sad hahaha!h

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Heroes for Heroes

Ive setup a charity miniature painting event called "Heroes for Heroes", for the Help for Heroes charity, on facebook. Its an open event so anyone can take part, and its going to be a lot of fun! Basically, entrants need to paint up a hero/character model from any games system and then auction it on ebay, with the proceeds going to the charity!

Here's the link to the event:!/events/485724108135595/

Several games companies have offered support including Tor Gaming and GCT Studios, as well as local companies like Gamerz Nexus in hockley and Cymbeline Games in colchester, and im sure more will come along.

Also, Fanplastic Little Men now has a facebook page that i'll keep updated too, please like it!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Grabbed by the short and deadlies

Bit of a Nuem update, ive been busy toiling over these the last couple of days, just a few more to go over the week:
Specialis Pueri 2

Dolor Dedicatius 2
Auxillum Sagitarius 1
Tormenta 1
More to come soon!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Dead eyes...

Several years ago i painted up a rather large Kings of War Undead army, 3500pts at the time, in only 5 days... it was far from my best work, but all ranked up it looks quite evoactive on the table!

It has been featured on Mantics Blog before, and i use it to demo KoW for them at Salute and other shows, and will be taking it this year again, to do battle with Cymbeline Tom's Elves, and Flare Miniature's Darren's Orcs in a series of 2000pt games over the day.

As my army is big, there are few units i havent got in it, and these Skeleton Archers are one of them! I will be adding a unit of elite Soulreaver Cavalry and my 3up Zombie as a Zombie Giant (Using rules for a skeleton regiment) before the big day in April.

Also arrived today were further reinforcements to my growing Nuem force for Relics, 2 Tormenta and 4 sagittarius, decent ranged units to support my advance across the field. I hope to have these built and painted soon. Tor Gaming will be doing another Kickstarter campaign soon, this time to flesh out the remaing profiles of units from the rulebook... expect substantal backing from Fanplasticlittlemen as i want to get access to the additional choices to complete my army mwhahaha! 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Reanimate this!

Quick one today, just one of the new Reanimator Troop Ships for my Bone Griffons.


Also, i played my first game of Relics last night at Tabletop Nation in Hockley, against Steve and Martin from JAG (JustAboutGames). It was a hilarious bout of epic failure on my behalf, my force was shot off the board by Steve's Brittanans with only killing one Puppet Dragoon!!!!

Hopefully next outing will be more successfull hehe, as my reinforcements are on route and i'll have some ranged firepower of my own to bring.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Greenmoon Smackers Pt 2

The team is all done and varnished ready for its first match against the Trontek 29ers on weds 9th! My self and Tom of Cymbeine Games will be demoing dreadball at the bunker, hopefully we'll get some more uptake to setup a league at the club.

Orc Guards

Goblin Jacks
Complete Team
This concludes my commissions for the moment, im not going to take on more work for a bit so i can clear some of my own metal n plastic mountain. It sits at 138 toys unpainted!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Greenmoon Smackers pt 1

The basecoats are done on the smackers team, i will be starting the highlights and neatening up tomorrow, im just too tired tonight to do anymore.... cursed babies and their 3am wake ups!


Great models, and should contrast well with the 29ers when they get to battle on the 9th hehe

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