Monday, 25 August 2014

A mixed bag of lose ends!

I used today to finish off some small projects that needed an extra figure or two to complete:

Relics Puppeteer - Head Coach for my Bloodbowl Team
Relics Casualty Counters - Rerolls hehe
Gates of Antares - Bovan Tuk, Mhagris Mercenary
Dark Age - Dragyri Fire Caste Cinder Slaves

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Darklands: Sell-Swords

These are my last three Darklands models to be completed, they are Sell-Sword Mercenaries but ive painted them in the same scheme as my Ysian army:

Uhtred Uhtredson, Anglecynn Sell-Sword
Finnan, Erainn Sell-Sword
Danilo Cruz, Visigoth Sell-Sword

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Darklands: Millions of Drunes!

Bases are now dry for the rest of the Drunes i've painted today:

Kernor, Seer Drune on Steed
Crom of Carn Wrach, War Drune
Jowan of Carn Dhu, Hound Master
Gondard, Flesh Drune & Nithling
Zethag, Harvest Drune
Annik of Carn Wrach, Battle Drune
Goad Drunes
Big update this evening, it leaves me with just the three sell swords from the First Edition kickstarter and my Ysian army is complete... till the next batch arrive hahaha

Darklands: Drune Death-Brute


Had a couple of weeks off to get married and our honeymoon haha, but now we are back home and all the washing is done so im back on the painting!

Brugg, Death-Brute
The Death-Brute is a character version of the Brute unit I painted up last year, he will get fielded in due course but I will be starting with the human warlords as they are more skilled fighters hehe.
Im working through all my remainder at the same time so a big update should be forthcoming soon!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Darklands: Drune Hounds

Just a small update today, I am chain painting all the remaining minis for this project but the hounds were a nice quick job so I got them done last Monday but have only now had a chance to base them:


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Darklands: Drune Mantichora

Last big monster that I own for my Ysian Army:

I've built and undercoated the last 17 Ysians that I have, I really hope to have them all painted before my wedding in a couple of weeks so I can crack on with my Deep Wars and Shadowsea goodies that arrived a few weeks ago :-D

Darklands: Drune Characters and Sell Swords

More progress on this project over the last few days:

Hedroc of Carn Maen
Mawdred of Carn Dhu
The ones below are Sell Swords, mercenary models that will work for a variety of Kindreds. Some like Blunt Klaw are restricted to Vras and Ysians but ones like Urbad are available to all forces:
Urbad the Vagrant
Beowa and Bearform
Blunt Klaw, Vras Warlord

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