Tuesday, 27 November 2018

40K: Blackstone Fortress Paint Up!

I couldn't resist this game, it looked so cool in all the previews that i had to order a copy! I've arranged to play it at the club tomorrow and have been trying to have as much as possible painted for it ready:


Spindle Drones

Chaos Beastmen

Negavault Cultists

I'm painting everything so it links together and also with gaming bases as its my strong belief that this box will herald the return of a Lost and Damned style army which might actually tempt me back into playing regular 40k... we'll see on that but its the best chance i have at it!

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Age of Sigmar: Battle Standard and Daemonsmiths

Busy busy busy!

Started these the day of my last blog entry and only just finished them today haha:

The end is nigh on this project now!

Monday, 19 November 2018

Age of Sigmar: Legion of Azgorh Fireglaives

My much needed bus mans holiday is over so i can get back to the painting! Starting off with this last unit of ten Fireglaives for my growing army:

Im closing in on completing this force now; just six more centaurs, four infantry characters, Shar'tor the Executioner and a second Magma Cannon to go!

Monday, 12 November 2018

Age of Sigmar: Darkoath Chieftain & Warqueen

I'm alive!

When not slogging through 14/16hr days with work ive been really ill with Sinusitis and colds for the last few weeks d'oh!

This wkend was our boys birthday and it was also his first Remembrance Day Parade with the Army Cadets so painting time was short but i still got these two done as a quick way of getting back into painting again:

If rumors are to be believed and a Darkoath based Chaos force is due by early next year then these will be a good and useful start to it for me!  
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