Monday, 30 May 2016

Age of Sigmar: Last Ard Boyz!

Back from hols, done the washing, back on the painting boom!

Time to bust open those Gore-Grunta boxes now hehe

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Age of Sigmar: Moar Ard Boyz!

Second unit of 10 Ard Boyz are finished just in time before im off on hols with the family:

Be back in a week!

Friday, 20 May 2016

Age of Sigmar: Ard Boyz!

My first unit of 10 Ard Boyz are now done! Just another 20 to go hehe:

Its hard to think of Black Orcs as meat shields but thats exactly what they are in this army :-D

Monday, 16 May 2016

Age of Sigmar: Ironjawz Characters

Here are my three infantry character models for my Ironjawz:


Weirdnob Shaman


These were great fun to paint up, next tho is the chaff... i mean Ard boyz haha

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Age of Sigmar: Ironjawz!!!!!

Yep yep thats right, ive restarted Age of Sigmar with a new force, the Orruk Ironjawz!

Below is my first unit of Vrutes completed:

The Ironjawz are a new type of Orruk recently introduced into the game... bigger, meaner, stronger than the other types, these Brutes are my basic troopers and are the same size as 40k mega nobz haha.

They are an elite army in the game with a similar model count to an equal comped/pointed Stormcast force and pack more armour and brutality.

I have, when finished, a force of 100 pools using the SCGT system, and it only numbers 55 models including 15 off the above, 6 cavalry, the 3 foot characters, Gordrakk on a Maw Crusha and 30 Black Orcs.

When the Generals Handbook is released in July i will possibly have to adjust my force to bring it in line with the new points system that GW are introducing for Match Play games but i am really looking forward to that :-D

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Circle Orboros Commission: Brennos the Elderhorn

Ah Brennos, much maligned by dirt mystic players across the globe, and the source of much amusement by non circle players too haha:

Ive not faced him in warmachine but on the face of it i dont get him, nor do i really get the point of circle either but thats by the by! The model is actually a lot better than PP's terrible photography would suggest... he joins Despoiler and the slaughterhousers to name a few that are much much better in the flesh.

His pose is quite awkward for photography and this is the best i could do :-(

Circle Orboros Commission: Tharn and Wolfies

Three more solos for this project:

Bloodweaver Night Witch

War Wolf

Tharn Ravager Shaman

Last on my list for these is Brennos the Elderhorn, a character warbeast, who will be up tomorrow!

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Circle Orboros Commission: Croak Raiders

I have been handed a few minis for this project again, a long standing client for whom ive painted around half the Circle Orboros faction for haha:

Im pretty pleased with how these have turned out, much better than my own unit for my old gatorman army!

Warmaster: High Elf Swordmasters and White Lions

These three units bring this project to a close now, two Swordmaster regiments and a White Lions regiment:

The Lions are from Eureka Miniatures i believe, but are prefectly scaled with the GW minis that form the rest of the army.

Next up for me are some new additions to an existing Circle Orboros commission before its back to the tiny scale with another warmaster army hehe!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Warmaster: High Elf Cavalry and Phoenix Guard

Back on this now after a manic week, got them finally finished up yesterday morning after starting these on monday afternoon!

Phoenix Guard

Silver Helms

Reaver Knights

The end is in sight now, just two units of Swordmasters and a White Lions unit to go! 

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