Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Circle Orboros Commission: Brennos the Elderhorn

Ah Brennos, much maligned by dirt mystic players across the globe, and the source of much amusement by non circle players too haha:

Ive not faced him in warmachine but on the face of it i dont get him, nor do i really get the point of circle either but thats by the by! The model is actually a lot better than PP's terrible photography would suggest... he joins Despoiler and the slaughterhousers to name a few that are much much better in the flesh.

His pose is quite awkward for photography and this is the best i could do :-(


  1. He isn't looking so bad in the way you took a picture of him.
    I'm not familiar with the rules that accompany him, but visually he looks like a model worth fielding.

    1. He's a support beast, a role generally taken by a 4/5pt light not a 9pt heavy that's his big problem... he gets buffs against hitting magic users but would struggle against all but the weakest caster and wouldn't dent a heavy


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