Thursday, 30 November 2017

Guildball: First Light of Solthecius and Mist

I picked up the First Light pack when it was released but never got round to doing anything with it till now. I really liked the idea of a themed Church of Solthecius team and now with the Fractured Loyalties pack arriving today im finally able to field 6 legal player hehe:




Next up will be the Captain Brisket, and The Fractured Loyalties pack of Gutter and Coin! 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Guildball: Fangtooth and Lucky

Next up for me for Guildball are these two:

Fangtooth (Easter Bunny) - The Union

Lucky - Brewers & Masons

Neither of these models will see masses of table time if im honest, Fangtooth doesn't really fit how i play Morticians and i prefer the Solthecian (Church in Guildball) side of the Union over the scum and villainy hehe.... And Lucky, well i dont have a Brewers or Masons team but he was free off a mate so he ho. 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Guildball: Thesher, Skulk and The Skaldicfest Duo

Continuing with the alternate sculpts for Guildball, here are the latest four i've completed:

Farmer's Guild - Thresher (Captain)

Mortician's Guild - Skulk (Future Ratcatcher's Subguild)

Brewer's Guild (Skaldicfest) - Quaff (Mascot) and Esters (Captain)

Loving painting all these alternative versions!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Guildball: Dark Harvest

I'm trying to get through my pile of alternate sculpt and Union players i have aquired from various Steamforged sales this year, starting with the Dark Harvest box from Halloween hehe:

I still have Thresher to complete from the box but i want to take my time with him so he looks like an actual zombie version of his art work! 

Friday, 24 November 2017

40K: Deathguard Commission

Just a two model project for today, my client has a Deathguard force in the new green scheme on the go but needed a few bits finishing of:

Chaos Sorcerer - Allied Night Lords

Deathguard Rhino

Ignore the plain black basing, my client will match it to his existing force when i drop them over :-D

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Godtear: Sculpt previews of the Dwarves!

Earlier today Tom Lishman posted this preview of Rhodri Ironheart and the Household Guard:

These are amazing Dwarf sculpts thats for sure; linked together with coherent uniform and heraldry but also each one is packed full of independant character!

As you can see, Rhodri ( Or as his full title is: Rhodri Ironheart, Thane of the Forsaken Hold), is one big Dwarf haha, all of the Champions are larger than life characters who have become enhanced through the Godtears they have collected over time.

More as soon as i can get it!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Shadespire: The Sepulchral Guard

I started these guys last night and finished them off this afternoon:


Harvester and Sepulchral Warden

Prince of Dust and The Champion

These are absolutely cracking models, hopefully a taste of what GW has in store for future AoS Death releases! At the moment im not sure how much actual game time i will get with the skellies as they seem to use a lot of faffing about rather than axe to face like the Ironjawz do haha.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Introducing Godtear - Fantasy skirmish combat by Steamforged Games

So that little spoiler shown at Steamcon 2016 has finally been allowed to bloom and the guys at Steamforged have unveiled Godtear to the world in the 2017 keynote speech!!!

The game centres around "Champions", heroes with the power and ability to use Godtears (Relics from the destruction of the Gods in a previous age), and their groups of lesser warriors and minions.

Below is the art for four of the Champions and the forces they will bring to the board:

Rangosh and Cutthroats

Shale (Earth Mage) and Rock Golem

Rhodri and the Household Guard

Raeth-Marid (Dragonkin) and Whirlpools

A regular game is stated to be three Champions with followers, which could be larger units of weaker fighters or maybe one stronger one like the Rock Golem.... Creates a lot of list building combinations which for me is awesome.. and leads nicely on to this:

This... This has to be bought! This early release pack includes six champions and seventeen followers in addition to Raeth's Whirlpools. Straight of the bat this gives you two forces that we will be able to mix up in play testing.

Rock on!

Some info from seminars has appeared online, here is a rough trasnscript:

1. Overall seems a quite simple stripped down version of guild ball mechanics. You roll small pools of custom dice that give you a result in terms of both damage (number if pips on the dice) and hits (number of non-blank dice).

2. The equivalent of momentum is not specific to models, but killing enemies or manipulating the objective mechanic score you battle points. Earning battle points moves a marker on a track between the players so you can only get so far above the opponent and there's no "draw." Winning a turn earns you VP. Turn 1 is worth 1 VP, turn 2=2, turn 3=3, turn 4=2 and turn 5=1. Winner is first to 5vp.

3. Plays on a hex board. 3 small follower models can fit in one hex, but the masters and big monsters seem to all be on bigger bases. Minions can group up in up to 3s bit can spread out of they want. Being grouped means you roll more dice, so you're more likely to deal more damage, but it means a big attack could take out more of your guys in a single attack. Spreading out could help you block hexes.

4. The his tear is a big 3 hex area that grows during the game. Only champions can enter the godtear hexes, and as an action you can plant your flag in a god tear hex to earn a battle point. If your opponent tramples it they gain 2, but if you can hold it to the end of the turn you score 3.

5. Most if the opportunity for hanky effects is going to be in the champions special rules. We same the minotaur whip the dwarf - he didn't manage to do any damage but did push him back to the edge of the board (no pushing off the board).

5. There's two phases, first is a strategy phase where IIRC the first player does all their moves and other strategy actions (like plant a flag in a god tear), the second phase is alternating activations where each model may get to move again and gets to attack. Most of the champions attacks seem to debuff a stat as well as deal damage, and maybe other jank like the minatour's push

Rock on!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Shadespire: Ironskull's Boyz

I feel like i've returned home after a long but fruitful journey with painting this warband... Ironjawz were the first army for Age of Sigmar that i really clicked with, and i has been great fun painting some of them up again now for Shadespire:

Gurzag Ironskull and Bonekutta

Basha and Hacka

I went for a war torn version of Zedek's Weird Mob from the Ironjawz book rather than my old Incubi darkness scheme... see too many of them on the web recently haha ;-D

Guildball: Hunters Team Commission

So this last week all my free time has been spent on this project, a Hunters team commission, which needed to be completed by this coming Wednesday as my client is off to Steamcon over the wkend.

Please ignore the bases, he wants to do them so they match his existing teams so i have just given them a black base coat which he can finish off:

Captains: Skatha and Theron

Hearne and Veteran Hearne

Ulfr and Seenah

Minx, Chaska and Snow

Zarola, Jaecar and Egret 

Pits and Traps

I believe he either already had Fahad painted or wasnt going to be using the cat so he wasnt part of this project :-D

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Shadespire: Core Set Painted

Bit of a delay on these as the shop i ordered it from closed for a week to go on holiday when Shadespire was released doh!

Still, i got both the Stormcast and Khorne warbands painted up yesterday:

Garrek's Reavers

Steelheart's Champions

For the Bloodreavers i decided to tie them in to my existing Khorne army for AoS nice and simple, but the Stormcast i wanted to do a little different! I settled on the Sons of Horus scheme from the Warhammer TV tutorial with a rakarth flesh drybrush rather than dawnstone edging to warm them up a bit and also the bases have a lot of grey already.

I hope to have my Ironskull's Boyz and the Sepulchral Guard this week... that order too was messed up with the shop holiday!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Kings of War: Vanguard on Kickstarer and my Abyssal Warband

The much anticipated skirmish version of Kings of War is now on Kickstarter, and after a rocky start it is funded and approaching the stretch goals!

Whilst the new Nightstalkers and Basilieans are cool, i wanted to get trying out the alpha rules straight away so it was off to the Mantic site for a browse... I dont own any fantasy models on square bases anymore haha.

I found these in the Dungeon Saga section, a box of nine additional Abyssal models from the game which had a few different sculpts which was perfect. All i needed was a hero to lead my force and the new Abyssal Temptress from the Edge of the Abyss campaign was a great addition.

So ive painted up my 100pt warband to play against my mate on wednesday, and will be fielding the following:

Command - Abyssal Temptress

Support - Abyssal Warlock

Large - Despoiler

Grunts - Lower Abyssals and Flamebearer

Warriors - Hellhound, Succubus and Abyssal Guard

A few of the models i can use to represent several profiles; The Moloch im using as a Despoiler can also be a Command model called a Tormentor, and the Succubus can be a Lurker if i want to mix stuff up.

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